Warzone 2 players stumble across new use for killstreaks


Precision Airstrikes and Mortar Strikes are great for taking enemies out on roofs, but Warzone 2 players have discovered another use for killstreaks.

Killstreaks work much differently in Warzone 2 than Modern Warfare 2. Players earn streaks in multiplayer matches by getting enough kills or points. For battle royale matches, streaks are lootable, and this resulted in players abusing the mechanic.

Players would find a medium or large backpack and load them to the brim with killstreaks. Final circles became a nightmare as kill streaks rained from the sky with nowhere to run. Infinity Ward realized the downsides of a backpack system and removed it entirely from the game as part of the Season 2 update.

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Killstreaks no longer pack the same punch they once did, as players can no longer stack them. However, a WZ2 squad inadvertently met their demise at the hands of a killstreak, but not how you would expect.

Warzone 2 players hilariously get taken out by killstreak

Killstreaks can still be deadly in Warzone 2, despite players no longer being able to stack them.

A Warzone 2 player posted a clip on Reddit and asked, “I’m dying. Is this a kill streak or just bad luck with a map plane?”

In the video, a team is flying a helicopter on Al Mazrah, and a plane comes soaring in and takes out the entire team. With the plane so moving fast, the squad didn’t even know what hit them.

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Community members put on their detective hats and tried to determine the cause of death.

One player responded, “I think it was a precision airstrike. I saw it last second and was like that’s not going to, oh my god!”

A second user added, “Jesus, that was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen from this game! I came close a couple of times, but I always figured the jets didn’t have a hitbox. Now I know.”

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Whatever the cause, keep your head on a swivel the next time you fly over Al Mazrah.

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