Warzone 2 devs disable feature after creating accidental God Mode bug

Jacob Hale
warzone 2 operators in season 3

Warzone 2 devs have had to disable spawn protection in the battle royale title after it bugged out and essentially gave players God mode, allowing them to be immune to damage for extended periods of time and be unkillable.

Spawn protection in battle royale games has always been a thing, giving players dropping into the game a chance to better protect themselves and at least have a chance of survival rather than being immediately picked out of the sky.

This is especially true in small-scale, Resurgence-type modes where everything is much closer together and it’s impossible to avoid flying into enemy players.

In the Season 3 update, some changes were made to Spawn Protection according to the patch notes, making it expire after 10 seconds of being airborne.

Spawn protection God Mode bug

However, something seems to have gone wrong with the changes, as the protection was simply not ending when players land sometimes.

As you can see in the clip above, streamer Speros laid dozens of bullets into his opponent with absolutely no reward, giving the other player ample time to spin around, focus his attention on Speros, and finally take him out in the normal amount of time.

Before long, though, developers Raven Software had become aware of the issue and started to seek out why it was happening and how to fix it.

Eventually, they decided to temporarily disable spawn protection in the game entirely, unable to push a hotfix in the time they will have wanted to.

At the time of writing, there has not been an update from Raven on whether they have managed to source and fix the problem, so this is likely to still be an issue until they find the root of the bug.