Warzone 2’s most hated Killstreak will be disabled in Season 2 Reloaded

Alec Mullins
Warzone 2's most-hated Killstreak is being pulled out of the game for a while in Season 2 Reloaded.

Warzone 2’s most hated Killstreak is being temporarily removed from the game with the arrival of Season 2 Reloaded.

Warzone 2 has seen a number of fan-requested changes since it launched. Season 2 brought the first wave of updates, and while content creators like JoeWo praised it for reinvigorating the scene, there are still some outstanding issues that the community has been vocal about.

One of those is the KV Broadside shotgun, and the other is a particularly busted Killstreak, and Raven Software has bow confirmed big changes to both of the offending pieces.

Warzone 2 killstreak disabled in Season 2 Reloaded

Bomb Drones have drawn the ire of much of the Warzone 2 community since the game’s launch. The remote ‘streak allows players to pilot a high-damage explosive directly into the heart of an opposing squad and is nearly a guaranteed down every time that it comes out.

Raven has heard the community’s pleas though, and they’re taking action to make things better.

“With the Season 02 Reloaded update, the Bomb Drone will be disabled in #Warzone2 Battle Royale while we explore additional balance options for this Killstreak,” the devs revealed.

Players claim this kind of unavoidable punishment is unfair as it makes fighting for good positioning a moot point as any team that wants to take a building can do so by collecting an instant kill with the drone, and with a lack of movement options in the game, there’s no escaping its punishment.

Paired with a nerf to the “broken” KV Broadside, these changes represent another step towards extinguishing the flames that have threatened to overwhelm the Warzone 2 community, but there are certain to be more sweeping adjustments when S2R shows lands on March 15.

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