Warzone 2 could be amazing with these dynamic weather and snow effects

Warzone in snow timesReddit/Activision

An amazing new video circulating the Warzone community shows what the CoD battle royale would look like with dynamic weather effects and players want it to become a reality for Warzone 2.

Not much is known about Warzone 2 so far, but it seemed like only a matter of time before Activision began work on a sequel to one of the most popular BRs of all time.

Of course, while finding a solution to the ongoing hacker problem is a big task for the second game, one other area players want to see improved upon are visuals.

In a popular post on Reddit, one player took it upon themself to add snow and other effects to Warzone to show what the game would look like with an upgrade.

Warzone with snow effectsRededit/Activision
Warzone 2 would be brilliant with these snow effects.

Warzone looks great with dynamic weather

In a post by ‘Western_Digital,’ the Redditor took a Warzone victory and amplified it by adding snow and dynamic lighting to, in their words, “make it look like a (sh*tty) snowstorm.”

Warzone with snow and other weather elements could make for quite an interesting battleground. Using the snow to hide may have some advantages, but it could also result in players leaving snowy footsteps that might cost them.

Users liked the weather effects and noted how there is a lack of snow in CoD titles lately, which was odd considering how many operators are dressed in white.

“I find it ridiculous how the season 2 battle pass has a snow theme with operators dressed in white but there is only one snow map in Vanguard and no snow on Caldera,” one wrote.

“I would love to see a snow map. Or a desert map for that matter. I just really need the damn trees and bushes to be gone,” another remarked.

Hopefully, fans get their wish and the next iteration of Warzone makes some huge improvements to diversify how the battle royale is played.