Warzone streamers demand fewer playlists so that they can “create content”


Warzone streamers in less populated regions than North America are now calling on Raven Software to outright remove various playlists in order to help with content creation.

For avid Warzone players in some of the biggest regions, finding a full lobby is rarely a big struggle. With tens of thousands hopping on daily, it’s often just a matter of seconds before you’re in the action thanks to the large matchmaking pool.

For avid Warzone players in smaller regions, however, the same can’t be said. With considerably fewer hopping on every day, it can often make matchmaking a struggle. Finding a full lobby of 150 players may take considerably longer, if full lobbies can even be found in the first place.

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This issue has only been exacerbated in recent months with more and more distinct playlists added to the mix. While the likes of Iron Trials and Caldera Clash may be fun for those in bigger regions, streamers in minor locales are now asking for them to be removed.

Warzone Season 2 playlists Activision
Warzone’s many playlists split the community across a wide range of modes and lobby sizes.

“Hey Raven Software, please remove some playlists from less populated regions,” Brazilian streamer ‘Tonyboy’ pleaded on Twitter. “It is impossible to find matches in certain playlists because of the number of active players.”

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Throughout the week of March 10, Warzone has 10 different playlists active all at once. From Vanguard Plunder to three different-sized Rebirth Resurgence variants, the Warzone player base is divided across double-digit modes.

As a result of these options, streamers like Tonyboy often find themselves waiting “10 minutes to find a match” just for the lobby to be filled “with the same players every time.”

“It’s really hard to stream or create content when you have to wait 10 minutes in lobby every time,” he added.

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While the content creation issue may not apply to everyone, the same struggles to fill lobbies are certainly prevalent across a number of regions. 

Raven is yet to respond to the complaints and with the next big update still a ways off, fans in less populated regions could be waiting a while yet. 

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