How to fix Warzone ‘content package is no longer available’ error

Warzone error fixTreyarch/Activision

Warzone’s ‘content package is no longer available’ error is a common issue for a lot of players and usually means one of the game files is corrupted, but how do you fix it?

There’s nothing worse than not being able to access Warzone due to an error that seemingly pops up out of the blue at the worst time.

While sometimes these issues are because of the game’s servers being temporarily down, a lot of the time it requires the player to find the solution.

One of the most common Warzone errors circulating at the moment involves a pop-up that reads, ‘content package is no longer available’.

This usually means one of the game files has been corrupted and it’s preventing Warzone from launching. Luckily, there are a number of steps you can take to fix this issue and we’ll guide you through them below.

Warzone ‘content package is no longer available’ fix

Warzone error fix game fileTreyarch/Activision
Warzone errors are usually easily fixed, but sometimes they can be on the developer’s end.

The ‘content package is no longer available’ error can often strike players while they’re in the lobby, kicking them out of the game. In this case, it usually means the devs have rolled out a small patch for Warzone that you need to install.

While heading back to your client or home screen should usually trigger this automatically, sometimes you may have to manually check for updates on console:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard or home screen
  2. Head to your Games Library
  3. Tap on Warzone and select ‘Check for updates’
  4. The system should identify the patch and add the necessary files

If this doesn’t fix your issue it may be time to reinstall Warzone completely and re-download the game. This will ensure any corrupted files are fixed and will prevent the error from occurring again.

Warzone error solutionTreyarch/Activision
A fresh re-install is always a great option if all else fails.

Don’t forget if your problem persists and you’re out of options, consider submitting a ticket to Activision support so you can get direct help for the issue.

Hopefully, this has solved your ‘content package is no longer available’ error and you can finally dive down back onto Caldera and Rebirth Island without any interruptions.