Vanguard players annoyed as weapon challenges won’t progress

Connor Bennett
STG in Call of Duty Vanguard gunsmith

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have laid out their frustrations with some weapon challenges, mainly for the STG, as camos, attachments, and others aren’t unlocking.

It’s a yearly tradition for Call of Duty players to jump into the new game and start grinding in multiplayer – looking to rank up fast, unlock all the weapons, and rocket themselves up the leaderboard.

To prove you’re the best of the best, you have to complete the different weapon challenges to unlock attachments, camouflages, and other cosmetics that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

However, in the early goings of Vanguard, these are a little broken with a few weapons as players have been reporting that challenges are not tracking and items are not unlocking.

call of duty vanguard atomic camo challenge
Like other CoD titles, Vanguard has a few mastery camos.

Vanguard STG weapon challenges broken

The main issues for most players revolve around the STG, with many reporting that the elimination and headshot challenges won’t track while others are not able to get the reticle challenges to progress. “Vanguard camos not counted, hope this ain’t a waste of time,” tweeted RavenGunnit.

Others, like Redditor ChangedRacer, have reported issues with the ‘Pack Tactics’ camo not progressing while Death Artist, Mind Games, and Survivalist are also locked despite players far surpassing the levels needed to unlock them.

Some players have suggested that the issue relates to using the STG in Warzone prior to Vanguard’s release as they’ve also had issues with the M1 Garand. “Mine was level 11 when I launched Vanguard so those first 2 camo challenge sets that were unlocked in Warzone don’t track,” added Jay_715.

While players are calling on Sledgehammer Games to get a fix out, some are simply moving on and using other weapons. “The first one (for STG) doesn’t work at all so I’ve moved onto MP40,” said one player. “I moved onto a different gun until it’s fixed. Same bug happened in Modern Warfare and you didn’t get the camos retroactively,” added another.

With Vanguard only just releasing, it remains to be seen as to just how quickly the developers can get things ironed out. However, players are hoping it won’t take long.

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