Underrated Cold War sniper in Warzone will replace Kar98 & Swiss in Season 3

Pellington sniper rifle in Black Ops Cold WarActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s sniper meta looks set for a shake-up in Pacific Season 3, and the long-standing dominance of the Kar98 and Swiss K31 could be challenged by some Cold War alternatives. 

While there are more than 15 snipers to use in Warzone, the meta has been dominated by two for quite some time – Modern Warfare’s Kar98K and Cold War’s Swiss K31.

The two long-range powerhouses are a familiar sight to anyone who drops into Caldera – and even Rebirth Island on occasion – and have been the source of much frustration over the last few seasons. Players have repeatedly begged for nerfs and want Raven Software to bring other snipers into the spotlight.

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Well, with Warzone Pacific Season 3 on the horizon, those prayers could be answered, and if the highly-requested nerfs come into play, then you might want to start using the Pellington 703 from Black Ops Cold War.

Warzone Sniper with logoActivision
Warzone’s sniper meta has been dominated by the Kar and Swiss forever.

The underrated sniper, which currently ranks as the 46th most-used weapon in Warzone, was highlighted by YouTuber Metaphor as a possible standout once the Season 3 changes come into play.

“There are massive changes happening with the snipers coming in Season 3 that will render our favorite snipers unusable, I can’t go into detail yet but the season is right around the corner,” the YouTuber said in his April 18 video. “The Pellington is an amazing alternative and great at all ranges for a Kar98k/Swiss replacement.”

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Metaphor has also highlighted Cold War’s LW3 Tundra as another possible meta option and believes that it is a better choice if you’re not playing more methodically and not pushing the pace. For aggressive players, though, the Pellington looks to be the move.

As noted, there is no exact word on what these sniper nerfs will entail, but plenty of players are already trying to figure out what will work best for them moving forward.

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So, make sure you’ve got a few snipers leveled up pretty high and get prepared to use something different before long.

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