Treyarch showcase two new multiplayer maps for Black Ops 4 – brand new ‘Icebreaker’ and remastered ‘Jungle’

Treyarch have revealed two more multiplayer maps, ‘Icebreaker’ and ‘Jungle,’ both of which will be available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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Icebreaker is a brand new map that will be introduced for the first time in Black Ops 4, while Jungle is a remake of a map with the same name from the original Black Ops title.

Icebreaker is a map that features a snowy terrain, and both interior and exterior areas. It appears to be a relatively compact map, with the interior areas featuring tight corners and angles.

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A video previewing the map was posted on Treyarch’s Twitter page, and the in-game description of Icebreaker reads:

A long lost US nuclear submarine in the Arctic houses a uranium supply which a Russian unit has come to salvage.

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Jungle, which is located in the thick jungles of Vietnam, is considered to be one of the larger maps from the Black Ops 1 collection. 

Black Ops Flashback: The heat is on as Cold War forces collide in the sweltering depths of the Vietnam jungle.

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Icebreaker and Jungle are the fifth and sixth maps to be previewed by Treyarch in the days leading up to the release of Black Ops 4. The total number of confirmed multiplayer maps has now reached 13, six of which were available during the Black Ops 4 beta. 

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All of the preview videos of the maps that have been showcased by Treyarch can be seen below:

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