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Top 20 highest earning Call of Duty: Warzone players

by Joe Craven


With Call of Duty: Warzone still looking like the next big thing in the battle royale world, we take a look at the top 20 highest earning players, in terms of total tournament winnings. 

Competitive Warzone is still finding its footing, but that hasn't stopped some players breaking away from the pack within the first few months of tournaments. We've seen incredible new world records set, and a host of celebrities try their hand at CoD's second battle royale effort.


Using data from, we take a look at the top 20 Warzone players in terms of tournament winnings. We'll take a more in depth look at the top 3, and then provide a full list of the top 20.

3. HusKerrs - $42,133

Respawn Entertainment
HusKerrs has played competitively in a number of BRs.

Jordan 'HusKerrs' Thomas is a battle royale star who has also held a number of Warzone world records. He previously made a name for himself in both Black Ops 4's Blackout and Apex Legends, but has since transitioned over to Warzone.


He currently sits in third place the pack, taking the bronze medal spot from Vikkstar with a number Warzone Wednesday wins and second place at the Royal Ruckus event. With over $42k total tournament winnings, he is clearly one of the world's best when it comes to CoD's sophomore battle royale effort.

2. WarsZ - $42,562

WarsZ with a facemask on
WarsZ with a facemask on

Second on the list is Kacey 'WarsZ' Channer, the British 19 year old who made his name as partner of Vikkstar123 in early Warzone Wednesday tournaments. Together, the duo put up back-to-back-to-back victories, elevating both into the top 3.

While Vikkstar has since dropped out of the medal positions, WarsZ remains, streaming regularly on Twitch and amassing over $42.5k in winnings.


1. Jukeyz - $44,695

Twitter: jukeyz

Originally sixth on this list, British Warzone player Liam 'Jukeyz' James jumped to second with a host of positive placements, and now sits on top.

The most notable of these finishes is undoubtedly first in the $150k Warzone Royal Ruckus tournament alongside London professional CoD player Skrapz. Despite the controversy surrounding crossplay and the event, the win saw Jukeyz take home roughly $10,000.

He is currently over $2,000 ahead of second place, meaning we can expect him to stay put for some time, especially if his incredible placements continue.


The full top 20 highest earning Warzone players are listed below. As you can see, a whole host of pro players make the cut. Crimsix comes in at 11th, while ex-CoD world champion TeePee sits in 13th. Crim's Dallas Empire teammate Tommey, likewise, just makes the cut.

Top 20 Warzone players: highest earnings (as of August 1, 12:00pm EST)

 No.  Player Earnings
1 Jukeyz $44,695
2 WarsZ $42,562
3 HusKerrs $42,133
4 Vikkstar123 $37,900
5 Aydan $25,150
6 diegosaurs $24,666
7 Frozone $24,008
8 JoshOG $24,000
9 GaGOD $21,666
10 ShivFPS $21,666
11 Crimsix $20,200
12 DougIsRaw $20,066
13 Teepee $18,966
14 SuperEvan $18,308
15 MuTex $18,283
16 UnRationaL $17,350
17 xAmpzMedia $16,733
18 NICKMERCS $16,233
19 Tommey $16,091
20 Symfuhny $14,833

Because Warzone was only released back in March, there is not nearly as much money in the game as others. However, as more players flock to the game and more tournaments take place, we can expect to see more and more money being won.

We will continue to update this article's figures as the competitive Warzone landscape develops.