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This awesome Black Ops 4 camo concept would let players see inside their gun

Published: 20/Nov/2018 10:03 Updated: 20/Nov/2018 10:13

by Matt Porter


Gun camos are always a massive part of any Call of Duty game, and it’s no different in Black Ops 4, the latest edition to the legendary first-person shooter franchise.

Black Ops 4 was released on Friday, October 12, and since then avid Call of Duty fans have been grinding away at the game as they attempt to unlock Call of Duty’s most elusive skin, Dark Matter.

Dark Matter takes a lot of effort and time to unlock, and not every player can commit the hours it takes to get their hands on it. However, Reddit user named ‘Juansa7X’ believes he has an idea for a skin that could be just as amazing as the famous Dark Matter camo.

Juansa7X suggests creating a camo that would show the inside of the weapon, including bullet rounds, the trigger and even the firing mechanism, all visible through what would appear to be a clear screen on the side of the weapon, instead of it’s normal casing.

Of course, this skin would be a labour of love for Treyarch, as every weapon would need it’s own custom version of the camo because the shape and insides of each gun would be completely different.


They would also have to animate every weapon’s inner workings to show it firing, adding another layer of work for what would be an awesome Call of Duty camo.

Black Ops 4 fans can already get their hands on some cool weapon camos thanks to the in-game Black Market, where players can unlock or purchase a number of different skins for their weapons by ranking up their Black Market by playing games, or by spending CoD Points.

Unfortunately, the see-through gun camo idea is just an idea dreamed up by a creative Call of Duty fan, and there are currently no official plans for it to be added to Black Ops 4 by Treyarch.

Call of Duty

CoD Mobile Season 1 New Order early patch notes: Weapons, new map, release date, more

Published: 22/Jan/2021 13:50

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty Mobile is gearing up for the start of Season 1: New Order, which will launch in the last week of January. So, here’s what we know so far in terms of patch notes. 

Even though CoD Mobile has plenty of content in it already, the devs have been rolling out regular updates since launch to keep things fresh. 

These updates are, largely, big new season patches that bring a new theme to the game as well as new characters, new maps, and of course, new equipment like weapons and perks. 

With the first update of 2021, the devs are resetting the counter, so it won’t be Season 14 or Season 15 moving forward. Instead, we’re getting Season 1: New Order, and there are a few flashbacks coming. So, here’s what you need to know. 

COD Mobile characters in the battle royale mode
CoD Mobile takes some of the best parts of previous games and puts them under one umbrella.

CoD Mobile New Order season 14 release date & time

In terms of when the update will be going live, the devs haven’t yet confirmed a date or time, at the time of writing. They’re still dropping clues.

In their January 21 community update, though, they said that the new season will be starting in the last week of the month, with Tuesday, January 26 being used as a date for things potentially kicking off.

Now, that’s not confirmed as we’ve already mentioned, but that day would make sense. It’s also the conclusion of the previous season’s farewell event, so things could easily roll out. We’ll just have to wait and see.

New weapons – FAMAS & SKS

As for new weapons, again, they’re still being cryptic, but it doesn’t take a mastermind to figure out what is being teased.

Two weapons are coming – one resembling, and sounding a lot like the FAMAS from previous CoD titles. There is also another that looks like the SKS that has featured in Modern Warfare and Black Ops releases.

As familiar as they are to longtime CoD fans, these weapons may have their names changed in CoD Mobile. The devs like to have their spin on things, after all.

New map for CoD Mobile 2021 Season 1 – Rebirth

In terms of a new map, again, that’s been teased by the devs. However, if you’re new to CoD Mobile, you might not instantly know what is being teased.

The teaser does bear a resemblance to Picadilly from Modern Warfare, and some fans suggested that it might be something new altogether. However, the answer is a little simpler than that.

The new map for Season 1: New Order will actually be Rebirth, the map from the Season 13 test server. How do we know? Well, there’s a big Christmas tree in the middle of the teaser that lines up what we’ve seen from Rebirth. 

Who is the new character in CoD Mobile Season 1 New Order?

For those fans who like to get a new character at the start of the new season, that tradition should continue here, even with the change to Season 1.

Who will be, though? Well, the devs have teased it being Raul Menendez – who should be a familiar face to Black Ops fans. Though, it hasn’t been confirmed just yet. So, we’ll have to wait and see. 

Screenshot of a Reddit conversation
Screenshot via Reddit
The CoD Mobile devs have teased Menendez for the new season.

As for bug fixes, weapon nerfs, and buffs, they haven’t been revealed by the devs just yet and should filter out just prior to the start of the new season.

Once they’re here, and we’ve got more confirmed information about Season 1: New Order, we’ll update this post so you won’t miss anything.