Call of Duty

The solo vs squads world record for Call of Duty: Blackout kills has been smashed

Published: 14/Jan/2019 13:48 Updated: 14/Jan/2019 14:04

by Ross Deason


The Call of Duty: Blackout solo vs squads world record appears to have been broken for the first time in a number of months.

Call of Duty’s first foray into the Battle Royale genre has been a big success and players around the world are constantly one-up each other for bragging rights and the chance to say that they’re a world record holder.


One such world record is for the most eliminations in a solo vs squads match, and it appears to have been smashed by PlayStation 4 player ‘Zeuss_49’ on January 14.


Treyarch (Activision)Blackout was released as part of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in October of 2018.

The talented player uploaded a clip to Twitter directly from his PlayStation where he can be seen demolishing entire teams on his own and posting a ridiculous 34 kills to claim the victory.

The two minute clip of the game, which includes his final six kills, can be viewed below:


The score defies logic. Blackout solo vs squads games can be incredibly difficult to win on the best of days, and the fact that Zeuss managed to wipe out so many teams without being dropped by a single player is nothing short of insanity.


According to another Twitter user, this breaks a solo vs squads world record of 30 kills that was set by HusKerrs on PC. However, we’ve been unable to find evidence of that particular match. The 34 kill total is by far the highest solo vs squads score that has been submitted to us since the game’s release.

Our records do show that HusKerrs, a professional Battle Royale player for Rogue, still holds the world record for solos thanks to a 30 kill match set way back on November 9 – this could be the 30 kill record that the Twitter user was thinking of.


If you know of any other world record in Blackout, or believe that our current records for solo or solo vs squads are incorrect, don’t hesitate to contact @DexertoINTEL on Twitter.