TeeP conviced new Warzone SMG should be at the top of Season 5’s meta

Alec Mullins
Tyler 'TeeP' Polchow discussing Warzone

Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow consistently brings the heat in Warzone and after the Season 5 update, he believes there’s a new gun at the top of the meta.

Warzone Season 5 is still in its early days and so the meta still hasn’t quite worked itself out. Many of the biggest streamers in the game are testing new loadouts and small adjustments to longtime favorites in order to make sense of the new landscape.

As one of the most trusted names in the space, TeeP believes he’s found a winner in a new gun that he claims can outperform the best of the best.

TeeP claims Warzone Season 5 SMG can outgun any other weapon

In an August 28 video on his YouTube channel, TeeP claimed that the RA 225 should be the new meta secondary and provided a loadout for eager fans to try out for themselves.

In order to bolster his argument, he absolutely shredded the Fortune’s Keep competition while using the gun as a backup to the Grau. He fell just short of winning the game, but his 29-kill performance speaks volumes about how good his build could potentially be.

For anyone looking to give it a shot the next time they drop into Warzone, here’s the build to use as it currently stands:

  • Recoil Booster
  • Urban Rapid 11″
  • Slate Reflector
  • Urban Tac
  • SG998 Compact
  • Lengthened
  • 9mm 55 Round Drum
  • Granular Grip
  • Tight Grip
  • Quick

For those who haven’t unlocked the weapon yet, we’ve got a guide on how to do that here, and it doesn’t take long at all, so go knock out some levels in the battle pass and then let a former Call of Duty World Champion guide you to even more satisfying ‘Ws’ in Season 5.

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