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Team Imperial unveil powerhouse EU roster for Black Ops 4 season

Published: 22/Nov/2018 0:54

by Albert Petrosyan


United Kingdom-based esports organization Imperial have made their way back into Call of Duty esports with the unveiling of their roster for the Black Ops 4 competitive season.

Imperial put out an announcement on November 21 revealing their new roster for the 2018-19 competitive season, which features four players from the UK and one from Belgium.


Jordan ‘Reedy‘ Reed 

Stephen ‘Vortex‘ Allen 


Billy ‘Hawqeh‘ Harris 

Tom ‘Moose‘ Handley

Bjarne ‘Denza‘ Sleebus


All five players are expected to represent the org at the upcoming CWL Vegas tournament – the first major event of the Black Ops 4 season set to take place December 7-9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Because of the roster’s strong performances in the first three MLG 2000 Series EU tournaments, they’ve qualified for a place in the CWL Vegas play-in tournament, where they will face UYU in the first round.

Qualifying via the play-in tournament would advance Imperial directly to Pool Play and allow them to avoid the gauntlet of the Open Bracket, which they’d otherwise have to go through to qualify for Pools. 


After a five year hiatus from CoD esports, Imperial made a return in 2017 for the Infinite Warfare season, but their teams since then have largely failed to achieve success

Their latest roster placed first at the CWL UK National Circuit Stage 4 and qualified for the 2018 CWL LCQ, where they placed 17-24 and missed out on a place Champs.


This new group of players could prove to be a different story, however, as they represent years of experience at the highest level of EU CoD.

Moose and Denza are coming off a strong season with Team Vitality, where they placed 9-12 at Champs, while Vortex, Hawqeh, and Reedy spent last season with Epsilon Esports, playing in both Stages of the CWL Pro League as well as all six major LAN tournaments. 

The prospect of success has excited Imperial CEO Oli Adams, who is very confident in their new assortment of players: “We’re very excited about getting back into COD this season with the new game and this lineup especially. The players are a perfect fit for Imperial and we share the same goals.”

Call of Duty

David Vonderhaar appears to confirm Black Ops Cold War ranked play

Published: 9/Oct/2020 14:04

by Jacob Hale


Treyarch studio design director David Vonderhaar has dropped a major hint about ranked play in the upcoming Black Ops Cold War, and it could be great news for competitive players.

Throughout the Modern Warfare season, one of the main gripes for players was the non-existence of ranked play, where players could compete against equal opponents to try and grind their way to the top rankings and have the chance to prove their mettle against top opponents.


Instead, Infinity Ward introduced the CDL playlist, which featured a CDL ruleset and maps but without the ELO or MMR tiers commonly associated with ranked systems.

Without some kind of level, emblem or something else to grind for, a lot of players felt like the CDL playlist didn’t provide the competitive edge they were looking for, but the story could be completely different when Black Ops Cold War drops.

Black Ops Cold War gunfight beta
Black Ops Cold War is due to release November 13.

The game is currently in beta testing, but fans are already looking forward to the full game dropping and getting involved, and one of the main questions competitive players have asked about is ranked play — with Vonderhaar providing a very promising answer.

After the question was posed to him, Vahn didn’t give a straight answer, but the hint was enough to get fans excited.

“Let me give you this,” he started, after explaining that it won’t be in the beta. “Do you know a Black Ops game without a hardcore competitive agenda? Can you think of one? I can not. There’s your answer, without telling you anything.”


There is some accuracy to Vonderhaar’s statement, too. While Black Ops 1 lacked a ranked system when it released back in 2010, each game since has had an iteration of competitive play in some way, be it League Play in Black Ops 2 and 4, or Arena in Black Ops 3, all of which were used to serve the esports community.

It will be interesting to see what ranked play looks like in Black Ops Cold War, assuming there will be one, as a feature of Call of Duty titles that players are always asking for more from. Needless to say, competitive players should be a little more excited now than they were before.