Team Heretics win Nov 18-19 EU CWL 2K tournament – recap and final placements

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The November 18-19 Call of Duty World League Black Ops 4 2000 Series tournament has now wrapped up for the European region.

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Spain-based Team Heretics claimed victory at the most recent 2K, securing the maximum 2,000 Pro Points and the $1,500 first place prize. This was the second straight 2K victory for Heretics, who also placed first in the Nov 11-12 tournament. 

The final featured Team Heretics sweeping Team Reciprocity 3-0, in what was a rematch of last week’s final, which finished with an identical scoreline. 

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With the first seven round of the tournament having been played on November 18, the four teams that qualified through to day two played the final two rounds of the competition on November 19.

Heretics reached the grand final on the virtue of their 3-1 victory over Team Stanley, which was a rematch of their matchup in the exact same round of last week’s tournament. 

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The other semifinal featured a tight matchup that went the distance, as Reciprocity defeated week one winners Team Sween 3-2.

The full bracket for the November 18-19 EU 2K can be viewed on the tournament page by visiting the MLG website HERE.

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With back-to-back 2K tournament wins, Team Heretics have established themselves as the top team of the EU region.

By making it to back-to-back grand finals, Heretics and Team Reciprocity proved their legitimacy as the top two teams in the EU region, with both looking to make a splash at the upcoming CWL Vegas event in early December.

As is seemingly the case every week, several notable teams were missing from the day two festivities, including Gone Gaming and Team 3G, who finished 5-8, while both MadCat and Co. and Reedy’s squad were eliminated in round six and finished 9-16.

EU CWL 2K Series November 18-19, 2018 – Final Placements

Pro Points
Cash Prize

Heretics KFC Lucky • MethodZ • Sukry • JurNii • MeTTalZz

Team Reciprocity wuskin • Tommey • Zed • Seany • Denz

 Team Stanley Cammy • Chain • Defrag • Maple • SunnyB
 Team Sween Dylan • Braaain • Nolson • QwiKeR • Weeman

 Movistar Riders PuNi • Sammy • peLukaa • Supraaz • Oney
 Gone Gaming Benji • DREAL • endurAAA • Malls
 Team 3G Niall • Bidz • Creza • Nevo • Zerg
 Devious Gaming Carbines • Disarray • Fusionz • Genesis • LewTee

 The Fellas Swanny • Realize • Skrapz • MadCat • Zer0
 Cudicudi Denza • Hawqeh • Moose • Reedy • Vortex
 Celebrity Hunted Revolt • Insight • Keza • Detain • Colgate
 Team Singularity CleanX • Lucidiical • Jambino • StiflaaR • Ohmsen
 Legion Gaming LouiCM • Subsist • Traudey • Watson • Jambo
 BNL Allstars Jord • Jambolized • Creashy • EL_PAPPIII • Zenl
 eMonkeyz GeNoX • Machete • Pabloskis • xCaLa • NaaNo
 Carried by goth juice Hypno • Conor • HorridHarry • QueKaay • Chaxter

 Supremacy Eazy • Breszy • Natshay • SenKa • Dynastie
 grandmother N/A
 B3LA Family Gaming mAxxie • Stikers • SLG • ZaaQ • Cobra
 Team Mercury N/A
 Team Descend N/A
 RBRN_TBA AeroX • Esponja • Inmune • MeteorO • zMeGa
 Team Vertex N/A
 Oblivion Esports N/A
 Paroxysm N/A
 FBurritoEsport N/A
 Jameo Esports Club Alezy • ChuKy • SeviAS • Xemzed • xRoToo
 Germans LF Org N/A
 Vinceremo Kolgaa • Laser • LeeGeenDz • Bisoo • Ultras
 Unicornios Voladores Luka • Mitoh • Stirpeeh • Xaxe • Zappy
 Xternal 2k N/A

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