Tainted Minds take down Mindfreak to win first APAC CWL 2K of Black Ops 4 – Final Placements

. 4 years ago

The first CWL 2K tournament of the Black Ops 4 season is now complete, with Tainted Minds taking first place in APAC tournament.

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Both the European and North American 2K tournaments will take place on November 4, concluding on November 5.

Mindfreak, who made some major roster changes coming in to the Black Ops 4 season, were expected finalists for the first APAC 2K.

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Tainted Minds retained their four man roster from last season plus the addition of Jayden ‘Setzyy’ Hewitt from TabooESC and formerly Mindfreak Black.

They also brought on board former pro player James ‘macka’ McKenzie as a coach for the roster, and it appears the additions have worked out so far, beating their rivals Mindfreak in the grand final.

It was still a good showing overall from Mindfreak however, who still have time to gel as a roster, since the addition of Luke ‘Louqa’ Rigas and returning player Cody ‘Excite’ Rugolo.

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APAC CWL 2K November 4 2018 – Final Placements

Place Team Roster PPs
1 Tainted Minds Nimble, Damage, Swifty, Swiftazor, Setzyy 2000 + $500
2 Mindfreak BuZZO, Shockz, Fighta, Louqa, Excite 1200
3-4 ARRRM Immense, Killerpie, Eminence, Zepa, Zeuss 800
3-4 Team Obsidian Tyson, Bacabec, Cruze, Dean, Lakie 800
5-8 salad fingers Boss, Mentxl, Envious, Rival, xVstan 600
5-8 Good Team Astatiix, Doosva, Fraizzed, Liaym, ZeroMyGoodness 600
5-8 Throne Beastn, Chilean, JayTex, Pred, Restalling 600
5-8 TWF Fate, Riqz, Jazhn, Claw, Sizzle 600
9-16 Yeahh Erwin, Gqmer, Kenan, KhaIzd, Nerveez 400
9-16 Rapid eSports Browny, Fatal, ManySe, Luke, Smiley 400
9-16 Apo the eon DizmuLL, Carry, Hafez, Snoopdify, Spaydz 400
9-16 FURY Danelk, Lexxen, ManOfChicken, Trent, Zoox 400
9-16 not our year Cones, DwyLoW, Fierce, Traumatjsed, Ritter 400
9-16 Vintage Gaming Azzi, Kytosis, Monstahh, Perko, Fati 400
9-16 Sleeper Entice, Flanners, Middoh, Mifzor, Rorgh 400
9-16 Senix Hyparz, Curry, Kovacz, Pastilz, Wavxr 400
16-32 Registered Wegends Occeyy, OHal, fkAzuriTe, Reniial, Hoode 200
16-32 Jayzee stinks emeraldmara, Control, Rxgulate, Kunjoh, Laazzz 200
16-32 Dogtrainers Twitchy, Viisage, iAchilles, Stems, Bacen 200
16-32 A,B,Q,S,S Agonnyy, bangbang, Qrissy, ShyXIII, Gintomancy 200
16-32 Overdose Lvcks, Rustabation, Suttoh, Crazje, Baturi 200
16-32 Uraweapon Muzzinn, JuicyCreative, Fergzz, Mullaa, iKilla 200
16-32 MegaMindsGG Sharpr, Khorasi, Frogger, Gilly, GaLvZ 200
16-32 Strap on the boots Scruuffyy, Joelayy, Krizy, trent, struckz 200
16-32 Rogue RNeoN, Swift, Skittzii, FKinq, Skipahh 200
16-32 Sozo fkVsnz, LeSQuirtle, Scorma, Twix, ohhReload 200
16-32 Venom TheB4EM, crivzor, Pacey, Blakey15, Reaperr 200
16-32 Hmmmm LWGibson, Saliba, Cluseyy, FrenzyTheBro, TheKnoxii 200
16-32 MollyV2 MoeyDib, Koopsxd, Tealk, BaileyDelay, yeaDodds 200
16-32 HIGHKEYCRACKED Ciiinematic, Tatterzz, Spartaniium, kwaii, Prophettt 200
16-32 Threat Gaming PerkyyPerks, Jarzy, cregan, FrenzyGee, Denzil3G 200
16-32 Brockyy & Co oBrockyy, JakeyXVI, Ingham4G, Hahnee, VertLAD 200

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