YouTuber Syndicate hints at Modern Warfare 4 reveal date after secret LA trip

Instagram: Syndicate/Infinity Ward

Popular British YouTuber Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell has hinted that we could only be a week or two from the next Call of Duty reveal, after eagle-eyed Reddit users matched a building in his latest vlog to the headquarters of Infinity Ward.

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Syndicate was in Los Angeles to engage in a number of “secret” meetings. In a vlog entitled ‘THE MISSION WAS IMPOSSIBLE’, uploaded on May 17, Syndicate discusses the meetings he has just attended at an unknown location in Burbank, Los Angeles.

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“The secret meetings were secret,” he teases. “I can’t believe I’ve just gone to be able to do something, but now I’m not allowed to talk about it, until the 30th. Sad face. I feel like I’ve got Willy Wonka’s golden ticket but I’m not allowed to tell anyone about it.”

Timestamp at [3:09] for mobile users

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Call of Duty YouTubers invited to Los Angeles

There has been speculation surrounding the latest Call of Duty game for a few months now, with all signs pointing towards Modern Warfare 4.

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Speculation has now grown even more, after a number of popular Call of Duty YouTubers were invited to Los Angeles for a series of secret meetings, which Reddit users have confirmed took place at Infinity Ward’s offices.

As Syndicate vlogs in the back of a car after the meetings, a bright building with reflective blue windows is visible, which Reddit users have matched up to images of Infinity Ward’s offices in Burbank.

YouTube: SyndicateThe building in the background of Syndicate’s vlog, next to the Infinity Ward headquarters as pictured on Google Earth.
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The detective work of Reddit users didn’t go unnoticed, as Senior Game Designer at Infinity Ward, Steve Holmes, joked that “You guys crack me up”. He did not confirm or deny whether the YouTubers’ meetings took place at Infinity Ward.


When will the next CoD game be revealed?

Also, the fact Syndicate has revealed that he is allowed to talk about the meetings on the 30th, suggests that we will get a community reveal around that date, which is less than two weeks away – at the time of writing.

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Black Ops 4 was announced on March 8, 2018, so we are already a couple of months later in the previous games life cycle, with no announcement. 

However, Black Ops 4 was released in October, a month prior to Call of Duty traditional November release. This has led to many community members believing that the next Call of Duty game – whatever it is – will be released in November or later, given the delay in announcing the game.

Developers Infinity Ward have seen their two latest games, 2013’s Ghosts and 2016’s Infinite Warfare, receive community criticism, and it is widely believed that there next game will turn back the clock and see a fourth instalment in the acclaimed Modern Warfare series.

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