Scump issues message of support to H3CZ amid fight to save OpTic Gaming

MLG/Instagram: OpTicH3cz

OpTic Gaming’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner issued a message of support to Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez in the wake of reports regarding a potential sale of the iconic esports brand. 

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OpTic fans across all of social media were sent into a spin when reports of a potential sale to Immortals, once again, reared their head on May 14. Speculation has been piling up to such a level where many believe that the Green Wall could be toppled and no longer exist – with fans, and players, left in the dark about the outcome.

However, there had been reports that H3CZ, the former OpTic owner and current CEO, was Call of Duty squad dispatched of UYU in their final CWL Pro League match of the week by a 3-1 scoreline – giving themselves a clean 4-0 result for the week. After the game, Scump took up the mantel of the post-game interview, issuing a brief message to his long-time friend about the situation.

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“I’m feeling great. We just got a great win over UYU,” started the OpTic Gaming captain, before moving on to explaining the outcome of the match and his own performance in general. He went on to note that his team’s performance in the Control game mode could be better before issuing his brief but poignant message to H3CZ. 

Scump added: “Feels great to get the win but now we’re just hoping for Hector to get a win on the other front for us.”

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It remains to be seen what the outcome of OpTic’s future is, as the potential sale has been up in the air since the initial reported interest from Immortals.

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While all of the OpTic teams seem to be in the dark about what’s happening, not fielding a Call of Duty team would be an unprecedented scenario for a team so closely linked with the esport, especially with Activision Blizzard revealing a franchising model starting in 2020, with the iconic squad not included in the first batch of organizations who have acquired a spot

There has been no confirmation of whether or not Immortals or H3CZ has secured the purchase of the historic esports brand and just what the future holds for the Green Wall either way – nevermind solely in Call of Duty.

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Disclaimer: Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.