Sledgehammer Release Latest Community Update for CoD: WWII – Valkyrie Open Access, Triple Double XP Weekend, and More!

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Call of Duty: WWII developer Sledgehammer Games have released another edition of their Weekly Community Update on May 4th.

This week’s Community Update includes information about several in-game promotional events and weapon contracts.

The Weekly Community Update is part of the developers’ commitment to consistently maintain communication with the Call of Duty community to ensure that any new changes or additions to the game are in the players’ preferred direction.

Although it is usually released every Friday, this week’s update was delayed due to the Community Reveal Event for the upcoming CoD: Black Ops 4 title on May 17th.

The post begins with a mention of both the Daily and Weekly Weapon Orders that are available in-game. The current Weekly Weapon Contract is for the Type 38 Sniper Rifle, which will be available until May 29th.

The Update continues with an announcement of two promotional XP events, one for midweek and one for the weekend.

The ‘Midweek Mobilize’ will offer 2DivisionXP on War Mode for a 24 hr period starting at 10 AM PDT on May 23th-24th. The ‘Weekend Warfare Triple Double’ will grant 2XP, 2DivisionXP, and 2WeaponXP to all those who play the Valkyrie Moshpit playlist from May 25th-29th.

Speaking of Valkyrie, the DLC 1 exlusive map will be available for free, open access to all players, regardless of whether they own the DLC pack or not. This open access will also be for a limited time from May 25th-29th.

The Multiplayer portion of the Update concludes with a mention of the Call of Duty Endowment ‘Fear Not’ Pack, which will be released on Tuesday, May 29th, in honor of Memorial Day. 

The full SHG Weekly Community Update for May 22nd can be read below, or on the official SHG Community Webpage.

“But wait, it’s Tuesday! Don’t your SHG Weekly Community Updates usually come on Fridays??” Yes, folks, they do. However, this week, we’re bringing it to you early, so you can gear up for the weekend. We’ve got some exciting new Call of Duty®: WWII activities coming your way, as well as a fun-filled game update coming next week! For now, check out this week and weekend’s offerings.


Weekly Weapon Contract. This week, make sure to see Corporal Green and pick up the Weapon Contract for the Type 38! You’ve got until 10AM PDT on Tuesday, May 29.


Midweek Mobilize. From tomorrow, May 23 at 10AM PDT until 10AM PDT on Wednesday, May 24, enjoy 2DivisionXP on War Mode!


Daily Weapon Orders. This week, we’ve got Daily Orders for LMGs, rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and pistols, so make sure to check back in with Major Howard each day to see which weapon is on deck.

Valkyrie Open Access Weekend. That’s right, folks. Free, for a limited time from 10AM PDT this Friday until 10AM PDT on May 29, enjoy Valkyrie with your friends. You don’t have to own DLC Pack 1 to play, so make sure to try it before time runs out!


Weekend Warfare Triple Double. With our limited-time Valkyrie Open Access Weekend coming, we’ve got an extra day of fun planned for you guys for Weekend Warfare. From 10AM PDT this Friday until 10AM PDT on Tuesday, May 29, enjoy a triple double on us! That’s 2XP, 2DivisionXP, and 2WeaponXP on Valkyrie Moshpit.


Call of Duty™ Endowment ‘Fear Not’ Pack. Every year when Memorial Day comes, the team likes to pause and commemorate the reason why we have a long weekend and remember the selfless service members who sacrificed their lives. In that spirit, we’d like to share with you our effort to recognize the fallen by supporting their surviving brother and sister veterans in finding good jobs. 

The ‘Fear Not’ Pack follows up the ‘Bravery’ Pack as the next installment in our partnership with the Call of Duty Endowment. All Activision proceeds from the Pack go towards securing high-quality jobs for veterans in search of employment. It’s a cause we are extremely passionate about as a studio and are glad to be able to support. Take a sneak peek of what’s in this limited-edition Pack, available Tuesday, May 29 in the US and UK:


Game Update. Next Tuesday, we’ll be rolling out a title update and releasing patch notes as well.


We don’t have a Nazi Zombies update this week, but we will  have one next week! Stay tuned…


And now for some highlights from the community…

A HUGE thank you to all of our followers on Instagram! We just reached 1 MILLION followers!! Many of you have been with us since Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, when we first started our IG account, and we are truly grateful for every single one of you. Your support really means a lot. :] Here’s a shout out to all of you!

We’re really impressed with this awesome Resistance drawing by Danilo Moro! Very well done.


Shout out to tower109 and this gorgeous rainbow Paintjob!


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