Shotzzy is already breaking Black Ops Cold War’s movement in crazy ways

Brad Norton
Black Ops Cold War gameplay with Shotzzy
Treyarch / Call of Duty League

2020 Call of Duty League MVP and World Champion Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro has already put in an immense Black Ops Cold War grind, uncovering a variety of absurd movement tricks in the process.

Treyarch’s latest release has only been live for a few weeks and Dallas Empire’s Shotzzy is already breaking it apart. From the most powerful loadouts to some of the most insane maneuvers anyone has seen yet, it’s safe to say he’s ahead of the curve.

Shotzzy has grown a reputation for uncovering new movement mechanics in Call of Duty titles. He was pushing boundaries throughout the Modern Warfare season and it appears the next year of CoD will be no different.

Focusing on two maps to start, Shotzzy has outlined a number of tricks and set plays for Crossroads and Armada Strike. Here are the biggest takeaways.

Crossroads gameplay
Crossroads is one of the smallest maps in the game but there are still ways to finesse your way through enemy defenses.

For Crossroads, it’s an extremely small map but there’s one hotspot that stays true regardless of which mode you’re playing. The high ground bridge that crosses over between the two main buildings will always have activity. Players try to be the first across while others hold the angle and pre-aim it for some early kills.

One way to outsmart the opposition on this bridge, is to fake that you’re falling off, according to Shotzzy. “You fake that you’re going down, basically, then you mantle back up,” he explained. In doing so, your character model dashes from one spot to another in barely a few frames. 

From your perspective, it may not look like much. From the enemy’s point of view, however, you’ve just disappeared and reappeared while practically turning invincible for a brief moment.

Black Ops gameplay
Armada features some unique methods of travels but Shotzzy has already found ways to exploit them.

For a more general tip across Armada, there are two ways to abuse vertical features on the map. Both ladders and rappels can be manipulated to provide a massive boost to your movement.

While climbing ladders, spam the jump button when past the halfway point and you’ll be able to mantle up the rest of the way. This cuts out a full animation from reaching the top in an ordinary way.

Additionally, apply the same trick of spamming the jump button while gliding up ropes around the map. Doing so will launch your operator into the sky for a few seconds, offsetting the aim of anyone nearby.

These are just a few of the more ridiculous tricks Shotzzy has uncovered thus far. Expect to see some crazy nuances across every map as the 2020 MVP puts in more time.

If you discovered any of your own game-changing tricks, be sure to let us know by sharing some tips on Twitter @DexertoIntel.