Shotzzy uncovers “crazy” Modern Warfare movement trick for CDL Champs

Brad Norton
Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay / CDL pro Shotzzy profile picture
Infinity Ward / Twitter: DallasEmpire

Just weeks out from the biggest Call of Duty tournament of the year, 2020 MVP candidate Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro has uncovered a powerful new movement trick in Modern Warfare.

Despite nearing the end of the Modern Warfare cycle, a brand new movement trick has only just been discovered. 11 months into the game, with hundreds of hours of competitive experience, Dallas Empire’s Shotzzy has found something new.

There’s no official label for the trick just yet, but it’s similar in many ways to slide canceling. Your character model will be much harder to shoot while your aim will still be on point. It can throw your enemies for a loop and give you an advantage in more or less any gunfight.

Ahead of the Call of Duty League Playoffs, the console FPS prodigy has explained how you can use the trick. Whether you’re in a competitive matchup or even pushing for a win in Warzone, here’s how you can outplay your opposition.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare lying prone
Infinity Ward
This new trick will have you going prone, but only for a brief moment.

With $4.6 million up for grabs in the CDL postseason, teams have been looking for any edge they can get. In the midst of recent scrims, Shotzzy and a few others have been utilizing a brand new movement trick. It’s so new that it technically hasn’t even been named yet. “Some players have been calling it the belly flop,” he said. There’s no official label for it though, for now.

As ‘belly flop’ implies, you’ll be dropping to the ground to perform this movement trick. Similar to a slide cancel, the intention here is to stop an animation and move faster than should be possible. The first step is to “slide cancel into a dropshot.”

So you’ll need to sprint, slide, cancel the slide, and then immediately go prone. “As soon as you lay down you want to press your jump button…just spam it,” he added. From your perspective, it might not look all too crazy. But from the enemy’s point of view, you’ll be moving at an absurd speed.

“It looks way crazier when you do it to someone else.” It all but cancels any form of standing up animation. One frame you’re lying flat on the ground, the next your character is upright and actually in the air.

It can throw their aim off while you maintain a clear shot on them at all times. In critical 1v1 engagements, it could leave your opponents absolutely stunned. It can be done at any point and there’s no real downside to the trick. You’re back on your feet in an instant and ready to move on to the next fight.

It’s too early to tell if this discovery might be added to the new list of Gentlemen’s Agreements (GAs). For the time being, however, it seems to be fair game; expect to see it used frequently once the CDL Playoffs begin on August 19.