Team Scump beats Team FormaL in Black Ops 3 throwback event: Final results

Brad Norton
Scump and FormaL in front of Black Ops 3 artwork
Activision / Call of Duty League

The iconic T2P duo went head to head as Scump and FormaL led their own stacked CoD rosters into a Black Ops 3 charity event on October 12. Ultimately, it was Team Scump that came out on top but if you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered with the final results.

  • Team Scump beat Team FormaL 5-3.
  • Charity event with proceeds donated to Movember.
  • Black Ops 3 was back in the spotlight

With the Call of Duty League offseason in full swing before Vanguard’s arrival, Team Summertime hosted a major throwback event. Black Ops 3 was back in rotation as some of CoD’s biggest names joined the competiton for a good cause.

Scump and FormaL didn’t compete as T2P this time around as they clashed with their own squads.

All proceeds throughout the event were donated to the Movember charity. 

TST’s Black Ops 3 Show Match: Final Results & Recap

Match Hardpoint (Fringe) S&D (Redwood) Uplink (Breach) Hardpoint (Stronghold) S&D (Infection) Uplink (Evac) Hardpoint (Breach) Uplink (Infection)
Team Scump 5-3 Team FormaL Scump 250-68 FormaL Scump 6-1 FormaL Scump 10-2 FormaL Scump 250-71 FormaL Scump 4-6 FormaL  Scump 4-6 FormaL Scump 236-250 FormaL Scump 6-2 FormaL

Dashy came out ready to prove a point in the first map of the Black Ops 3 Show Match. Right out of the gate, he put up just one shy of a 50-bomb, boosting Team Scump to an easy first win while dropping FormaL’s team off in the 100 point club.

S&D and Uplink followed and well, it was the Team Scump show through and through.

They dominated the Search, dropping just a single round, and cruised through Breach Uplink with a whopping 10 points to 2.

It wasn’t pretty moving into map four either as Scump’s squad repeated the first results on Stronghold. In the blink of an eye, just one map stood between them a clean sweep of the charity event.

After playing with their food in what could have been the closing map, it came around to bite Team Scump. Formal’s squad lit up the killfeed to finally put their first W on the board and they carried the momentum through in a major comeback.

Three maps in a row clawed the series back but ultimately, it wasn’t meant to be. Team Scump put a swift end to their comeback, closing the show with a 6-2 Uplink win on Infection.

The most important result of the day, however, Team Summertime helped raise more than $16,000 for Movember during the Show Match.

TST’s Black Ops 3 Show Match: Streams & Schedule

The Black Ops 3 show match kicked off on Monday, October 11 at 9PM ET / 6PM PT. 

It was featured live on TST’s very own Twitch channel as Hitch, Jorge, and Blake kept on top of the action.

TST’s Black Ops 3 Show Match: Format

The Black Ops 3 throwback featured just two squads. Team Scump and Team FormaL did battle in a best of nine series across a number of fan favorite maps and modes.

Although a $4,000 prize pool was on the line and a winner was indeed crowned, all proceeds went directly to charity once it was all said and done.

TST’s Black Ops 3 Show Match: Teams & Players

The Black Ops 3 throwback featured just two squads of elite CoD talent. Both sides were stacked with world champions, veterans, and some of the most popular names in the competitive scene.

Below is the full breakdown of both lineups.

Scump FormaL
iLLeYY Temp
Blazt Classic
Dashy Envoy