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Scump reacts to low ranking on all-time CoD list: “I have 29 championships”

Published: 10/Oct/2021 21:36

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty legend Scump gave his thoughts on being ranked fourth by CDL analyst NAMELESS. He said it is what it is but he has 29 championships and still plays at a top-level.

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner is coming off a disappointing 2021 season despite playing some of his best CoD. As one of the winningest players, Scump’s legacy is never in question.

However, there has always been a debate within the CoD community about who is the GOAT of the esport. From players with multiple rings to the ones with the highest K/Ds, it is hard to just pick one person.


Former pro player and current analyst Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler dropped a YouTube video ranking the top players of all-time, and the King isn’t at the top.

Scump reacts to being fourth all-time in Call of Duty 

In NAMELESS’ video, he finally reveals who he thinks are the top 10 Call of Duty pros of all-time. Featuring names like Scump, Crimsix, Clayster, and Karma, it may have come to surprise how he ranked these players.

Despite winning 29 championships, a World Championship, and being one of the most dominant players in the game, NAMELESS put Scump at fourth on his list. The pro was quick to reply saying that rings matter a lot in these debates.


He also said that he had a chance to join Complexity back in CoD: Ghosts but he declined. The King wasn’t upset with the rankings but he mentions that he is 26 years old and still dropping insane numbers on the biggest stages.

Despite this, he remained humble and said, “It’s really hard to defend yourself when lists are made, I feel bad even defending myself now because it all really comes down to opinion at the end of the day.”

While Scump sits behind Crimsix, Karama, and Clayster, he can still look to add to his legacy in the 2022 Vanguard season and make a run at his second ring.