Scump unveils best XM4 class for Black Ops Cold War

Joe Craven
Scump next to XM4 and BOCW logoNRG/Treyarch

Call of Duty veteran and Chicago Huntsmen pro player Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has shared his favorite XM4 loadout, as the AR proves very popular in the ongoing Black Ops Cold War Beta. 

The Black Ops Cold War Beta dropped on October 8, giving players who have pre-ordered another opportunity to dive into Treyarch’ next CoD title. The Beta was then opened up to all PS4 players on October 10, to maximize feedback from players.

As was to be expected, a general consensus has emerged on a number of features. Complaints have focused on SBMM, movement mechanics and connection, while praise has been given to the game’s Gunsmith, maps and gun play.

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XM4 in the Black Ops Cold War BetaActivision
The XM4 is the best AR in the current build of Black Ops Cold War.

A consensus too has emerged over the best weapons in the Beta, with the SMG class currently being ruled by the Milano 821. ARs, on the other hand, are all struggling to keep up with the XM4.

Now, Scump has shared his favored attachments to use on the XM4, revealing them in an October 10 live stream. First up is the Quickdot LED optic, joined by the Muzzle Brake 5.56.

Next up, Scump recommends the 13.7″ Extended Barrel, Foregrip and Quickdraw. The Steady Aim Laser was also being used by the X Games gold medallist, before he swapped it out for the Quickdraw attachment.

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  • Optic: Quickdot LED
  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 5.56
  • Barrel: 13.7″ Extended
  • Underbarrel: Foregrip
  • Handle: Quickdraw

This XM4 build focuses on balance, maximizing its range and accuracy, while also trying to improve its handling and make it viable for gunfights that require snap-aiming. The full loadout is detailed below:

The XM4’s versatility is also one of its strongest features in the game’s current build, with fast fire rate and impressive damage meaning it can be viable at nearly all ranges.

XM4 loadout in BOCW from Scump

Whether its strength continues into the full game (or even the second Beta weekend) remains to be seen, but for now hop in and try the King’s loadout while it’s as powerful as it is.

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