Scump fires back at eUnited and Clayster for roasting OpTic on Twitter

It has not been a festive Halloween to say the least in the world of Call of Duty esports, as eUnited and OpTic Gaming’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner had a strong back-and-forth on social media.

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Earlier in the day, eUnited had posted a picture of their logo but with the classic green, black and white colors of OpTic’s branding.

In the original tweet, which was deleted and re-posted, they wrote: “Very spooky! We are dressing up as Top 24 Champs team this year! What are you being for Halloween?” – clearly a dig at OpTic’s shocking 17-24 placing at the recent 2018 CWL Championship. 

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Ironically, although eUnited finished fourth at the event, they ended up completing the WWII season with the same number of tournament wins as OpTic – zero. 

OpTic’s CoD team captain Scump, clearly incensed by eUnited’s roast, pointed this out in an irate tweet he put out in response.

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“All good, a ghost is the same as your LAN wins last year too!” he tweeted. “Invisible! Zero! Pathetic roast for attention!”

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While some may have thought the Scump was joking in his tweet, he doubled down in a response to eU’s James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks, who had thrown his own sarcastic response into the mix.

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“What a lame cheap shot by an org,” Scump tweeted at Clayster. “I’d be embarrassed to rep that child shit.”

eUnited tried to justify their roast of OpTic and Scump by posted a clip from Scump’s recent appearance on OpTic CEO H3CZ’s new podcast, in which he said “I mean this year, I’ll take the criticism. The pros are throwing some shots and I usually brush them off. I laugh with them, I’m like ‘yeah I suck, you got me.'”

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However, Scump retorted with his own comment, saying that the criticism he’s willing to accept comes from his pro player friends, “not an organization of people I don’t know.” 

It’s clear that Scump took eUnited’s social media banter more seriously than they had expected, and this war of words on Twitter could end up laying the foundation for a spicy rivalry between eUnited and OpTic during the upcoming Black Ops 4 season.

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Both teams will look to open the season strong during the CWL Vegas event in December, which will kick-start what should be an exciting campaign.

Disclaimer: OpTic CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd

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