ScummN slams HusKerrs & UnRational after getting dropped for $1.2m World Series of Warzone

Jacob Hale
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Warzone pro ScummN has slammed his former teammates HusKerrs and UnRational, after they dropped him from their trio last minute ahead of the World Series of Warzone Stage 1 semi-finals and finals.

ScummN has been teaming with HusKerrs and UnRational for some time now and were considered serious contenders going into the opening stage of this year’s World Series of Warzone tournaments.

That all fell apart, however, when ScummN was dropped from the team, letting his feelings be known in a Twitter post on May 21, not holding back at all.

“Welp got dropped for WSOW,” he said. “If anyone needs a 3rd for stage 1 semis/finals lmk … I’m praying on y’all’s downfall and I hope y’all doing absolutely fucking terrible.”

He continued: “Feel betrayed in a friendship feel scammed out of money and a spot in the biggest tourney of the year.

“Sorry I’m not the best at controlling my emotions but I do believe I have the right to feel the way I do especially when they’ve been plotting for days…goodnight.”

HusKerrs responds to ScummN

Not long after, HusKerrs bit back. “Decided to part ways with scum for multiple reasons and will be finding a new third for WSOW moving forward,” he said. “Not sure why he felt the need to tweet this, but I wish him and his future teammates the best in managing his immaturity, negativity, and lack of teamwork.”

ScummN did later say that rosters are locked, so it’s unclear who his former trio could pick up or whether he can even join a team given the circumstances.

The current World Series of Warzone situation is up in the air after Stage 1 was postponed in both EU and NA following severe game crashing issues.

With competitors deeming the issue “embarrassing,” it’s still not clear what exactly will be happening going forward. Needless to say, though, ScummN will be out for blood if he comes up against his former teammates.

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