HusKerrs bashes “stale” Warzone 2 leadership for being “out of touch”

Battle Royale legend HusKerrs live on stream.Twitch/HusKerrs

Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas is a battle royale legend who has deep roots in the Call of Duty community and he has taken a shot at the “out of touch” leadership behind Warzone 2.

HusKerrs is a force to be reckoned with in every battle royale that he has touched. The former H1Z1 pro also took over the Warzone scene when it first debuted back in 2021, and he has stuck around through the transition into Warzone 2 as well.

He was the first player to reach $100,000 in earnings from WZ back in the day and his name still commands respect in the sequel.

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However, he’s clearly not happy with the state of things, and in a tweet on March 3, he aired out his frustration over the direction of the game so far.

HusKerrs calls out Call of Duty leadership over Warzone 2 concerns

Thomas held nothing back when talking about the developers’ decision-making, specifically calling out a lack of connection between the higher-ups and the hardcore fans of their game.

“Warzone 2 might be the most unbalanced and stale game from a AAA studio I have ever played in my 20 years of gaming,” he claimed. “Never have I seen a studio leadership so out of touch with the game and the community. It’s a damn shame”

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He continued on while replying to other fans, and agreed that the PC version of Warzone has a number of problems beyond its console counterparts. “That’s a whole other set of issues that I won’t even bother going into, but yeah you are right in that the game is even worse for MnK players.”

HusKerrs isn’t alone in feeling like Warzone 2 hasn’t lived up to the expectation set by the first game, as other huge streamers have also raised complaints even after the major gameplay changes that arrived with Season 2.