KCorp faceplants in LEC debut as winless split leads to disaster

Carver Fisher
KCorp faceplants in LEC debut

KCorp are the first team to drop out of LEC Playoffs contention, with the team going over two weeks without a single win & ultimately being the first team to miss playoffs qualification. Though their fandom is strong, Karmine Corp has failed to deliver on stage.

KCorp’s induction into the LEC arguably brought more hype than any other organization that’s come to the league. The Blue Wall’s fandom was inescapable even when the organization operated within the LFL, France’s minor league, with the LFL topping LEC viewership at times due to KCorp’s influence.

Despite picking up big names like Bo and Upset and promoting the best players from their LFL roster, the team hasn’t really gelled together and have been consistently struggling. Targamas explained that he doesn’t always get along with his teammates in an interview with Dexerto ahead of the split, and this may be a case where things aren’t clicking.

Their match against Rogue was their last chance to force a tiebreaker and forge a path to the playoffs, but they ultimately threw their lead and were disqualified from playoffs without getting a single win.

KCorp knocked out of LEC playoffs after winless split

While KCorp still has a chance to take home a win before the split is over, it’s now impossible for them to qualify for playoffs no matter what. Their LEC Winter 2024 run is done.

The team has received widespread criticism, especially now that their comms have come out. Bo leads the way with the team’s shotcalling despite having the least familiarity with English on the team, prompting many to question what’s happening with the team’s communication.

This lack of communication showed with KCorp’s throw to cap off their split, with the team managing to get some kills and early drakes before ultimately throwing a crucial teamfight.

With Rogue being the second-worst team in the LEC going by standings, this was KCorp’s best chance to take a game. However, they’d ultimately fail to get a win.

In week 2’s voice comms video, Bo blamed himself for their loss in KCorp’s match against GIANTX. But Cabochard had this to say in reply:

“That’s not true. We just don’t fight well together.”

Ultimately, it seems that this would remain to be KCorp’s greatest weakness up until they were knocked out of playoff contention entirely. It remains to be seen how the team will try to rebuild and re-evaluate their strategy going into the Spring split.

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