Richard Lewis: Only H3CZ can revive OpTic from Immortals’ abuse

Jacob Hale
Richard Lewis on H3CZ and OpTic Gaming

It has recently been reported that NRG co-CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is buying back OpTic Gaming from Immortals Gaming Club — and Richard Lewis thinks this could be the perfect opportunity to restore the OpTic brand to its former glory.

Since H3CZ left the company in 2019, OpTic Gaming and its corresponding Los Angeles spot in the Call of Duty League has been met with some derision from former fans, who felt disillusioned by the new ownership of an organization they once loved.

It became clear that wherever H3CZ goes, the fans go, and it became an uphill struggle for Immortals to retain the value of OpTic, let alone help it grow, but that all could be about to change.

Following the reports that surfaced regarding Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriquez’ potential reacquisition of the OpTic Gaming brand, Richard Lewis talks about how Immortals tarnished the organization’s identity, and why H3CZ is the only man fit to inject a new lease of life into the Greenwall.