Powerful MW3 AR replaces RAM-7 as Warzone’s most popular gun after nerf

Connor Bennett
White SVA 545 assault rifle over Warzone map

In the wake of the Season 2 update nerfing the RAM-7, Warzone players have started flocking to a new Assault Rifle – and it’s one that you might not expect. 

Following the Season 1 Reloaded update back on January 17, a fair few Warzone experts and casual players believed that the battle royale’s meta had become more diverse than ever. There were plenty of competitive options to use, and there hadn’t been a crutch weapon like in previous seasons. 

The RAM-7, which was added earlier in Season 1, may have been the most popular of the guns out there, but it wasn’t the only way to victory. 

The Assault Rifle has since been nerfed in Season 2, with the devs reducing the Ram’s min and mid damage values by four and three points respectively. Those changes have paved the way for a new gun to take over as the game’s most popular choice – and it’s one you may not have expected. 

As expected, the RAM-7’s nerf has seen it start to slip away from being the battle royale’s most popular gun but it hasn’t totally slipped away from the meta. 

In its place, however, now sits the SVA 545. According to WZRanked stats, the SVA has seen it’s interest double since the new rounds of buffs and nerfs were put into place – rising to around 24%. 

There has also been considerable growth in the second-placed WSP-9, as it’s up to almost 17%. That is an increase of over 11% prior to where it stood before the recent buff. 

SVA 545 previewed in Call of Duty: Warzone.
The SVA 545 is Warzone’s most popular gun in Season 2.

The SVA has always been a competitive option for Warzone players, but it’s new distinction as the most popular gun in Urkizstan is certainly a step up. 

It remains to be seen if it’ll be a long-term thing or if it is just a fad, but for now, everyone loves the SVA.

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