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Post Malone trolls Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar during Black Ops 4 livestream

Published: 20/Oct/2018 16:29

by Calum Patterson


Rapper and pop megastar Post Malone was joined by Treyarch design director and YouTubers LEGIQN and CouRage for same Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer and Blackout action, and the musician was in a trolling mood.

With Black Ops 4 launching globally on October 12, Activision has been acutely aware of the importance of streaming and YouTube as promotion, drafting in big name streamers like Shroud and Ninja.

But, Post Malone is also an avid gamer, and even has his own Twitch channel where he has previously streamed CoD: WWII and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. He previously featured in Black Ops 4’s CODNATION campaign too.

So, it was no surprise when Call of Duty drafted him in for a sponsored stream, playing alongside with Vonderhaar, but Malone isn’t exactly a ‘safe’ personality, who doesn’t hold back from saying how he really feels.

He also isn’t the typical celebrity gamer who struggles to keep up with the more dedicated players, showing he clearly does play his fair share of games.

But, when he received the message prompt following a multiplayer match asking him if he enjoyed the previous game, Malone made sure that Vonderhaar saw him press “no”.

When playing some Blackout, Post Malone also pointed how ridiculously fast his character would run out breath when swimming underwater – “I can hold my breath in real life longer than that.”

To which David Vonderhaar jokingly replied “God damn video game designers!”

And the ‘Rockstar’ singer and rapper also had some highlight plays, and wasn’t holding back in telling the opponents exactly how I felt. We’re sure the live stream was marked for mature audiences only though.

With the new Blackout mode directly competing with PUBG (Malone’s game of choice), fans may be in for some Blackout streams on his own personal channel, with his album release in 2018 well behind him.

You can watch Post Malone’s full stream on the Call of Duty Twitch channel here.

Call of Duty

2021 CDL Challengers info announced: Scouting & Elite Series

Published: 30/Oct/2020 17:42 Updated: 30/Oct/2020 18:35

by Bill Cooney


The Call of Duty League has announced all-new details for upcoming 2021 Challengers events, and there will be even more ways for up and coming players to show their stuff.

Call of Duty Challengers is the official “path to pro” circuit for amateur CoD esports players around the world, and there are two brand new events being added to the circuit in 2021 – the Scouting Series and Challengers Elite.

The 2019 season wrapped up in August with the $500k finals crowning the top teams in North America, Europe and Asia. Once again, players looking for their big break are eagerly awaiting the next opportunity.

They won’t have to be patient for very long either, with the first new Challengers event kicking off just a couple of weeks at the time of writing, in early December with the Scouting Series.

This Series will bring together CDL coaches to draft their own squads from one big pool of all the players that secure an invite. These teams will be split up into EU and NA competitions and will play against teams from their region over the course of the four-day tournament.

Elite is the second new event, and will put the top amateur teams from Challengers into an exclusive bracket to battle it out, sometime “over the course of the 2021 Season.”

Challengers Cups were first introduced in 2019 and will be returning in 2021 as well. These will be standalone tournaments  players across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. Through the Cups and the competitive Ladder, players can earn Challengers points which are used to qualify and seed teams for various events throughout the season.

Call of Duty Challengers players at LAN event
Katy Eyre/ESPAT Media
Challengers brings together the best amateur CoD players from around the world to compete.

Specific dates for the upcoming 2021 season events are still unknown, but we’ll keep you posted on them as information becomes available.

If you’re interested in seeing if you and your team have what it takes, you can get more information on how to sign up and get going right here. There’s no guarantee you’ll be the next player on the Dallas Empire or anything like that, but if you’re confident in your ability to frag out, it can’t hurt to give it a shot.