OpTic’s Crimsix savagely roasts Midnight’s Blazt for his placements at CoD events

Albert Petrosyan

OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter leveled out a savage roast against Midnight Esports’ Rasim ‘Blazt’ Ogresevic, aimed at his placements at major Call of Duty tournaments.

Crimsix’s ruthlessness in dishing out insults hasn’t been matched by many in the competitive CoD community, and he’s known not to hold back when talking smack, regardless of whether it’s aimed at teammates, friends, or other players. 

His latest victim was Blazt, who made the wrong decision of trying to roast Crimsix for a poor play he made while streaming some Black Ops 4 League Play.

Crimsix tries crazy Tempest play, and fails miserably

In order to better understand Crim’s roast, we must first go back his Black Ops 4 stream on May 12, when he tried to make a crazy play with the Tempest during a League Play match.

“Watch this; call me Dashy,” was what he said right before marching into a room crowded with enemy players and proceeding to miss every shot with his Tempest before he was eliminated. 

Blazt tries to roast, but gets clapped back hard

Looking to be part of the roasting party, Blazt tried to make fun of Crim’s slow reactions and poor hand-eye coordination by saying calling him 37 years old. 

Unfortunately for Blazt, Crim’s reactions were strong when it came to clapping back, as he decided to roast Blazt’s placements at major CoD tournaments. 

While Blazt’s average placements have obviously been well above 37 since he went pro during the WWII season, he hasn’t exactly performed spectacularly at too many events, getting double-digit placements more often than not. 

Needless to say, Crim’s roast garnered a lot of attention among fans on social media, and even Blazt could do nothing but accept defeat by posting this very appropriate GIF in response. 

The interaction between the two players was obviously nothing more than some hilarious banter, and, in fairness to Blazt, Crim’s spectacularly failed play with the Tempest deserved its fair share of roasts.

However, it would be hard to blame Crim for being rusty on the sticks, considering the long vacation he had following CWL London, during which he successfully proposed to his girlfriend.

But he’ll definitely want to make sure he’s ready to go by May 13, which is when OpTic resume their action in the CWL Pro League, and they’ll monster match against Division A leaders Gen.G slated to kick off their week. 

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