OpTic’s Crimsix hints at identity of mysterious ‘rich guy,’ and the CoDBurner responds

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The saga of Call of Duty’s Rostermania continues as OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has revealed new details about the mysterious “rich guy” that is moving in the shadows of the esports world. 

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The “rich guy” is the nickname given to a supposed wealthy businessman who is apparently actively trying to get into CoD esports and has been reportedly offering huge sums of money to top tier players in hope that they will sign with him. 

Although his existence and identity have been the topic of much debate, Crimsix directly confirmed his identity in a recent session of “Ask Me Anything” he hosted on the OpTic sub-Reddit. 

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“His first name starts with an M and last name starts with a C,” Crimsix wrote in reply to a question. 

Many have taken this as a hint that the “rich guy” is Mark Cuban, a well-known businessman, investor, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team.

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Some believe that the profile fits the bill perfectly, since not only is Cuban extremely wealthy, he also has an active interest in esports and is based out of Dallas, Texas, which is also where OpTic Gaming are headquartered. 

Following up Crimsix’s reply, the unidentified CoD insider known as the ‘CoDBurner’ wrote a huge post on Reddit in regards to all of the mystery surrounding the “rich guy.”

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In his post, which is full of links to pictures, videos, and screenshots of tweets, the CoDBurner alleges that the “rich guy” was heavily courting the services of Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow, who recently rejoined OpTic’s CoD team.

The insider claims that a lot more people know the “rich guy’s” identity than they are letting on, and part of his courting process was allegedly paying for an expensive birthday party at a club for Karma’s wife Holly Barlow. 

The entirety of the CoDBurner’s post can be read below:

some stuff about rich guy

i know alot of u are wondering who rich guy is bc crim confirmed today he exists and partly confirmed what i posted about him going over to karmas house and seeing he was already there. i dont know exactly who it is but a few ppl DMd me a few likely suspects that i wont name without more proof. maybe u guys can help out here. When i posted about crim running into him i thought it was insane timing but now i think rich guy was there in frisco for a week.

i dont post stuff without hearing from ppl first and if it sounds crazy i wait even longer before doing it and with crim kinda confirming what i said in my other post i decided to. A few weeks ago someone DMd saying that their friend in frisco met rich guy but he didnt know who he was at the time. the story is holly had a birthday where she invited her twitch subs to show up. she said the plan was to go out to a nightclub to meet up with ppl and she didnt say who it was. when they got there some big guy met them outside and walked them past a huge line right into the club and they had vip and bottles of goose and champ all night on the mysterious dudes tab at a vip table while holly hung out with him for alot of the night talking on the couch. then they went to a strip club. my source said his friend swears this was rich guy.

i thought it was some fugaze but then i asked around and ppl sent me a few links.

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310736121holly irl streamed 2 weeks ago about going out to a club. in the first few seconds u can see a notepad with holiday inn express on it. i googled and theres one downtown in dallas. they also talk about meeting someone there but dont say their name.

https://twitter.com/HollyyLive/status/1043722384035987458https://twitter.com/HollyyLive/status/1043721923992141826holly tweeted these videos this week of the night at the club

another guy tweeted this video from his own account of the same person and the same partyhttps://twitter.com/OGBeattie/status/1041214702670544896

the same guy tweeting he doesnt know who paid for the tablehttps://twitter.com/OGBeattie/status/1041396438540931072

goose and champagne aint cheap at clubs and by count in the videos alone they had at least 3 goose and 2 champagnes. at nightclubs those are 300-500 each then u have taxes and tip to add. so somebody dropped some serious $$$$$.

then the night after hollys irl stream this other girl tweeted out this picturehttps://twitter.com/thekatebaby/status/1041561065992192000

i showed the last pic to someone who saw rich guy at events and he said no one in it is him but i think everyone in this pic met rich guy and knows who he is and he was probably there in frisco for a whole week talking to karma. anybody know who they all are?

i also thought i knew what his whole original roster was supposed to be and other intel kept throwing me off but someone sent me some more supporting evidence of it so i might post it if i get a little more. u guys get mad when i post things too tmz so im trying to get more confirmation on stuff before i post any rumor.

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