OpTicJ opens up on OpTic and Infinite Esports struggles, in interview with Richard Lewis

Ryan ‘OpTicJ’ Musselman has sat down with esports journalist Richard Lewis to discuss all manner of OpTic Gaming’s recent struggles, caused by parent Infinite Esports & Entertainment calling the shots.

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It has been a turbulent month for Infinite Esports and OpTic Gaming specifically, from accusations of unethical dealings with players in Overwatch to OpTic India CS:GO player being caught cheating at a $100,000 LAN tournament.

A number of decisions, incidents and departures from the organization have left OpTic and Houston Outlaws fans very concerned about the current affairs and future of the team they support.

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OpTicJ, who was one of the founding members of OpTic Gaming over a decade ago, is now President after a series of layoffs and has opened about just about everything, in a rare interview with Richard Lewis.

OpTicJ explains that many decisions were made that were not in the best interests of OpTic, or went against the direction initially steered by CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez.

The Infinite President reaffirms that the OpTic brand as an ‘entity’ is just as strong, but admits there has been a “mismanagement”, using the ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ analogy.

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Lewis then presses OpTicJ on specific incidents which have occurred within the organization over recent months, including the release of the Dota2 roster and the “poorly executed” Halo situation, where again the roster was released.

They also discuss the recent cheating scandal involving OpTic India CS:GO player Forsaken, and host of the other problems which have existed within the organization, including certain hiring decisions.

It hasn’t been a good month, or year, for Infinite and the OpTic brand, but OpTicJ does convey some optimism to fans that they are now more aware of the direction which the organization had been taking, and so are better positioned to turn the ship around.

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Full disclosure: OpTic CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd

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