OpTic Scump slams Minnesota ROKKR for “classless” post-match tweets

Scump next to ROKKR logoMLG / Call of Duty League

OpTic Chicago’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has hit out at fellow CDL team Minnesota ROKKR for their post-match tweets after the two orgs played out a nail-bitingly close encounter in the Stage II Major. 

Despite the organization’s illustrious history, OpTic Chicago have struggled to mirror any of the OpTic brand’s past successes this season. A decent group stage saw them start the Stage II Major in the Winners’ Bracket, but a 3-1 loss to the Toronto Ultra dropped them into the Losers’ Bracket.

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From there, they eliminated Seattle Surge, setting up a tie with the Minnesota ROKKR. It turned out to be one of the most memorable matches of the season, going all the way down to a Moscow Map 5 Round 11. OpTic were leading the final SnD 5-2 but, once again, couldn’t close it out.

Round 11 swung in OpTic’s favor, with the Greenwall setting up a 4v2 over the A bomb site. Then, inexplicably, Envoy charged at Accuracy, giving the Minnesota man a free chance to make it a 2v3. Scump made it a 3v1 by eliminating Attach, before Accuracy finished every remaining member of Chicago in an ice-cold three-piece.

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The moment was remarkable, and prompted a now-deleted tweet from the ROKKR which read: “We are witnessing a breakdown.” Attached to the tweet was an image of the OpTic’s players’ reactions, most with heads in hands. Scump was one of many to criticize the tweet, calling it “disrespectful” and “classless”.

“This is some of the most disrespectful sh*t I seen,” he said. “We are literally heartbroken and you use it for impressions? Post the clutch, post your celebration, but kicking us like this? Your team was literally banking on us to get first seed last week. So unbelievably classless.”

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Another tweet from the King said: “There is a HUGE difference between talking trash on LAN, and an org tweeting a picture of the other teams heartbroken cams after a heartbreaking loss.”

There was a divided response. Ex-Call of Duty caster Chris Puckett was one to weigh in, echoing the opinion that the tweet was fine, and CoD has gone “soft”.

Scump responded once again, highlighting the ROKKR’s focus on OpTic’s reaction, rather than their success. He went on to say that trash talk between players is fine, but the “kick in the chest” from an organization was unnecessary.

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ROKKR have since deleted the tweet, apologizing to the OpTic Chicago players and saying it was “out of line”.

Whatever followed the game, the Minnesota ROKKR will progress to Championship Sunday, meeting Toronto Ultra in Losers’ Round 5. The winner of that will then face Dallas Empire in the Losers’ Final, with Atlanta FaZe waiting in the Grand Final.

OpTic, as has become a disappointing staple of their season, will be left lamenting missed chances.