OpTic’s Scump and Crimsix debate who was the best Black Ops 2 player

Matt Porter

Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter and Seth ‘Scump’ Abner have been teammates on OpTic Gaming for just over four years, but long time fans will know they were once fierce opponents.

While Scump has been a member of OpTic Gaming for a long time, back in 2013, Crimsix played for one of the Greenwall’s greatest rivals, compLexity.

The two teams waged war throughout the Black Ops 2 season with compLexity dominating the end of the year, including an infamous Search and Destroy comeback against OpTic when they were 5-0 down.

Abner and Porter are on good terms now that they team together, but that wasn’t always the case, with Twitter user bmxjt76 posting an old clip of the pair playing against each other, which shows Crimsix killing Scump in a scrim match and take aim at the OpTic members nickname, saying: “You’re awful dude, you’re fucking awful. The King? Yeah, my ass.”

While the pair found the clip funny, it did kick off a friendly debate between the pair, as both men believe that they were the best Black Ops 2 player.

“You were not as good as me at this video game,” tweeted Abner to Porter, who simply replied with a GIF that stated: “LOL.”

Not willing to concede victory to Crimsix, Scump tweeted a picture of Black Ops 2 map Aftermath, where he managed to find three kills in the final round of an SnD map to knock compLexity out of the Call of Duty World Championships. 

In retaliation, Porter replied with an image of the map Express, where OpTic lost six rounds straight after taking a 5-0 lead to lose the finals of the MLG Fall Invitational to their rivals.

While neither player would admit that the other was the better Black Ops 2 player, it’s safe to say Porter’s compLexity squad found more success on the title, winning seven titles over the course of the season.

Thankfully for fans of the Green Wall, Crimsix now wears the legendary OpTic jersey beside Scump, and two have formed a lethal partnership that helped them secure the organization’s first Call of Duty World Championship, although even Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant can’t agree on who is better!