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OpTic Crimsix explains why the Swordfish isn’t in Black Ops 4 gentlemen’s agreements yet

Published: 25/Feb/2019 9:46 Updated: 25/Feb/2019 10:10

by Matt Porter


A number of popular weapons and attachments have been added to gentlemen’s agreements throughout Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and OpTic Gaming star Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has explained why the Swordfish tactical rifle hasn’t been included just yet.

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Gentlemen’s agreements are created by professional Call of Duty players in an attempt to curb the use of weapons, attachments or items that they deem to be too strong for use in competitive play.

These rules are often agreed upon by the players and not the developers or tournament organizers, meaning that while they are not officially banned, there is an understanding that they won’t be used in matches. A number of items have been made unavailable by pro players, such as the Mozu pistol and the Stock II attachment for the SAUG submachine gun. 


Crimsix has revealed why so many gentlemen’s agreements have been created in Black Ops 4.
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While rumors have circulated that the Swordfish tactical rifle is the next weapon on the chopping block, the pro players have yet to announce that it has officially been banned, with Crimsix explaining the delay on the removal of the Swordfish during a stream on Sunday, February 24.

“Pretty much, Evil Geniuses wants it in.” stated Porter as he discussed the weapon. “Teams are threatening to use Stock II. They’re saying that if the Swordfish is in, they’re using Stock II, and EG is down for that.”

“With Stock II in, the ABR gets better and the VAPR might be stupidly good. The thing is, it’s just going to be a shitshow if the Swordfish is allowed.”


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A viewer also asked Crimsix why so many items had been banned by pros during the Black Ops 4 season, with the OpTic star responding: “Because this game is not fucking good in terms of competitive play. Everyone agrees and wants the meta we used at CWL Las Vegas, which is by far the best meta.”

With the current weapons balancing patch not active in the CWL Pro League, fans of the competitive scene will have to wait for CWL Fort Worth to see whether pro players choose to bring the weapon out and use it in a competitive environment.