New “Up To Speed” Episode Explores the Relationship Between EG’s ACHES and Assault: “After I smoked FormaL in that round 11, that’s when our relationship kinda kicked off”

Ross Deason

A new episode of “Up To Speed With EG COD” has been released which focuses on the “father and son” relationship between Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price and Adam ‘Assault’ Garcia.

ACHES and Assault played with one another on Cloud9’s Call of Duty team from August of 2016, during the Black Ops 3 season, until the organization’s departure from the scene in August of 2017 at the end of the Infinite Warfare season.

Assault moved on to Echo Fox and ACHES joined Evil Geniuses, but neither team lived up to expectations and eventually Assault left Echo Fox and found himself back on a team with ACHES, this time under the Evil Geniuses banner.

The team’s first outing was an impressive one as they took second place at the $200,000 CWL Seattle event in April. Now their main focus is on Stage 2 of the CWL Pro League, where they currently sit in third place in Division A.

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The relationship between the two players, from the outside looking in, has always seemed to be one of student and master, or “father and son”, and this was the main focus of the latest “Up To Speed With EG COD” episode.

The episode is full of laughs and jokes but they both point to the Cloud9 vs. OpTic Gaming match at the 2016 Call of Duty World Championship as the “start” of their relationship. Cloud9 eliminated OpTic from that particular event thanks to Assault winning a nail-biting 1 vs. 1 against Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper in the very final round of the series.

“Basically after I smoked FormaL in that round 11, that’s when our relationship kinda kicked off from there. Went to the next event next year, got second.”

ACHES goes on to explain why they get along so well, pointing out that they are both able to “roast” each other without getting offended.

He also notes that their chemistry in-game is particularly strong and that their playstyles work well together, especially in Search and Destroy.

“I think me and Adam’s relationship is special because in-game and out of game we can kinda roast each other, have some fun with it, and not take it personal, we get along pretty well in that aspect where we just don’t take much serious. In-game we work really well. I think we have good chemistry, especially in Search and Destroy when it comes down to clutching. I think our playstyles just benefit from each other a lot.”

The episode can be found below.

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