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New instant death spot on Warzone Season 3 map is sending players to the Gulag

Published: 26/Apr/2021 13:38

by Jacob Hale


Warzone Season 3 is full of fun new content and major changes, but players are quickly becoming frustrated with Train Station as a new glitch is sending them plummeting to their death.

With each new season, bugs and glitches are expected, as players find issues that perhaps didn’t pop up in testing.

This problem didn’t seem to exist in previous seasons, so it is curious what might have changed with the launch of Season 3, and it’s turning Train Station into a death trap.

If you regularly drop here or rotate through it, you might want to reconsider your strategy until it’s fixed.


Warzone train station roof
The Train Station roof is a very powerful spot, but now it’s sending unsuspecting players to their death.

It’s been reported countless times now, but this clip below from ryzen115 showcases just how broken the Train Station roof is, and why you need to be extra cautious when up there.

Train Station is a very popular spot, especially in the mid-game gunfights where it offers decent rotation options and strong vantage points to take out unsuspecting enemies.

As you can see, though, it’s not quite that easy anymore. Across multiple corners of the Train Station roof, if you try to mantle on the walls to fly off, you’ll somehow phase through the floor and sink to the bottom of the map, straight to your death.


From various clips online, it does seem as though there are some spots you can land on and stay alive but, ultimately, unless the storm closes perfectly in your favor, it will result in being sent to the Gulag.

It doesn’t look like anybody has found a way to use this glitch to their advantage yet, at least not to get free wins, like they are with this frustrating under-map exploit at Stadium, or another that has been found at Airport.

So, if you’re looking to get down from Train Station roof, you’re best off finding a different way.