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New Black Ops 4 specialist teaser hints at EMP equipment possibly coming soon

Published: 5/Dec/2018 18:26 Updated: 5/Dec/2018 18:32

by Calum Patterson


PlayStation has teased what appears to be a new specialist coming to Black Ops 4, and the teaser could be hinting at some form of EMP ability.

With ten specialists at launch, fans expected new specialists to be added to the game with more abilities, and it looks like the first new character will be coming to multiplayer soon.

Expected to release on December 11, the character is shown in the distorted trailer holding some kind of equipment, but it is the tagline which gives it away.

Along with video, PlayStation writes “The Disruption is coming” – suggesting the disruption of enemy equipment, as is the purpose of the EMP.


The absence of the EMP grenade was conspicuous during Black Ops 4’s launch, as was the absence of smoke grenades – both of which have been gripes within the competitive community particularly.

There are no other details on the specialist character, and the video gives very little footage of the character model itself, so it is impossible to say at this point if it is a returning specialist from Black Ops III, or a new specialist entirely.

The new specialist in multiplayer, as well as a change to the Blackout map, are both expected to drop on December 11, first on PlayStation 4, where new content is exclusive for seven days.


Some fans have been asking for the return of the ‘Spectre’ specialist from Black Ops III, which had the camo ability as well as the ‘Ripper’ weapon, and so this is one possible option for inspiration with the new Black Ops 4 specialist.

Could the new specialist be based on ‘Spectre’ from Black Ops III?

Another possibility could be taking inspiration from ‘Outrider’ – as her Vision Pulse ability now belongs to Recon, could Treyarch be repurposing her as an EMP wielding character?

Other specialists from Black Ops III that didn’t return for number 4 (yet) include ‘Reaper’ (a robot with a machine gun arm) and ‘Blackjack’ (the owner of the Black market store).


Of course, the new specialist may have no basis in a Black Ops III specialist at all, or could be a mix, such as Black Ops 4’s ‘Recon’, who is a new specialist character but has the Vision Pulse ability from ‘Outrider’.