NAMELESS disappoints StuDyy in hilarious Black Ops 4 blooper

A squad of Call of Duty pros suffered an unexpected elimination due to a hilarious blooper from Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler.

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NAMELESS, StuDyy, John and SpaceLy were cruising in a Blackout match, taking care of the enemy squad they bumped into near Firing Range.

After downing a player, StuDyy was dropped by another but NAMELESS was there for an easy revive. When StuDyy was dropped a second time however, things did not go nearly as smooth.

Despite John and SpaceLy having the situation totally under control, NAMELESS decided to push with them instead of staying behind – much to the dismay of the increasingly animated StuDyy. (NSFW language)

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StuDyy immediately asked for help, but NAMELESS passed to chase the enemies and replied with “I’m right on them!”

The kill feed disagreed, showing John picking up all the eliminations.

When NAMELESS finally realized he needed to pick up his downed teammate, calamity ensued as he got lost, unable to find a way back.

StuDyy was forced to helplessly watch his teammate’s gamertag run around on the other side of the wall.

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Things would get even worse for the squad later, but this time it was John with the blooper.

StuDyy is currently a free agent headed into CWL Vegas on December 7 and may be holding out for teammates who can carefully drive a quad or climb a wall at Firing Range without getting lost.

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