Nadeshot shows off his “must use” Bruen Mk9 Warzone class

Joe Craven
Bruen LMG next to Nadeshot

Nadeshot, ex-Call of Duty professional and owner of 100 Thieves, has revealed his “must use” Bruen Mk9 class for Warzone as the LMG continues to dominate the meta in Verdansk. 

Warzone’s meta changes in Season 4 have seen the Bruen grow to be the best gun in the game, picking up where the Grau 5.56 left off. It’s incredible damage output and manageable recoil mean it is able to outperform nearly every other weapon at medium to longer range.

We’ve seen a variety of set ups used by prominent community members, but now, Nadeshot has shared his “must use” Bruen class that he uses to dominate his opponents.

Nadeshot's Bruen Warzone loadout in MW Gunsmith
Nadeshot’s Bruen loadout.

Nadeshot Bruen Mk9 Warzone Loadout

  • VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • XRK Summit 26.8″
  • 60 round mags
  • Tac Laser

The class is certainly designed for medium to longer ranges. The Monolithic Suppressor and heavier barrel will significantly improve damage range, while also reducing recoil. The former will also keep players off enemy radars while firing, ideal to ambush enemies in Verdansk.

His chosen optic, too, is designed for longer range engagements. This is one attachment you can swap out if you prefer a different optic, like a thermal sight.

The Tac Laser and 60 round mags will go some way to negate the handling and mobility penalties incurred by the heavier barrel. Reload time, too, will be massively reduced by the 60 round mags – an absolutely essential attachment on the Bruen in any game mode.

Despite the Grau dominating Warzone’s opening months, the nerfs it received in recent updates has seen the Bruen come into its own as the best weapon in the game. It has become so dominant, in fact, that a host of community members have called for it to be nerfed in the near future.

Whether Infinity Ward have a nerf coming for the Bruen in an upcoming update is another matter, but try out Nadeshot’s class while it’s still Warzone’s top dog.

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