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Nadeshot & 100 Thieves announce LA Thieves Warzone team coming soon

Published: 6/Nov/2020 19:58 Updated: 6/Nov/2020 20:08

by Theo Salaun


Alongside the announcement of the Los Angeles Thieves induction into the Call of Duty League, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has confirmed that 100T will also be building out a Warzone team that he expects to be one of the best ever seen.

Warzone debuted in March 2020 and has continued to scale beyond the wildest expectations as a premier battle royale with burgeoning competitive and content scenes. 

On the competitive side, Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas has already hit over $100,000 in earnings from Warzone tournaments. On the content side, HusKerrs is joined by a bevy of streamers who are all raking in millions of views, along with thousands of subscribers, simply by dropping in and dominating Verdansk.


It should therefore be no surprise than an organization like 100 Thieves, whose roots grew from professional Call of Duty and an unfaltering focus on content creation, is set to become the first esports brand to create a team dedicated to Warzone. This comes alongside announcements of the LA Thieves CDL team and an upcoming CoD Mobile roster.

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In an announcement video with Nadeshot and John Robinson, the 100T’s President and COO, the former was asked about the prospects of a Warzone team following discussion of the LA Thieves’ sleek branding. 

While Nadeshot coyly responds “yes,” to the creation of an 100T Verdansk unit, he makes no roster confirmations or teases other than the fact he will, in fact, not be playing on the competitive squad. This may be disappointing for fans who were hoping for a quasi-return from his 2015 retirement, but the founder and former OpTic Gaming player did explain why he won’t be playing.


“There are some truly special players that have created communities that are so large and welcoming and just massively engaged as they compete every single day and live Warzone. And so we want to build one of the greatest Warzone teams that you’ll ever witness in the history of, not only Call of Duty, but battle royale in general.”

LA Thieves
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An announcement picture for the LA Thieves’ CDL roster.

As the first esports organization to lock in and confirm they’ll be fielding a Warzone-specific roster, 100T now stands at the forefront of the game’s scene as it trends toward even bigger events.

It remains unclear who will be on the roster, but there are some incredible options out there and Nadeshot’s passion makes it clear that he will be looking to field the most dominant roster possible. And he minced no words when expressing how happy he is for 100T to be back in CoD: “Call of Duty…it’s my home.”