MW3 Season 4 replaces Nuke with classic Advanced Warfare streak

Declan Mclaughlin

Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3 has brought new content and kill streaks to the game, including a classic Advanced Warfare streak.

The patch notes for the next season of MW3 revealed that new kill streaks are now in the game, replacing some of the stale ones. The biggest streak leaving the game is the classic Nuke streak.

Modern Warfare 2 originally introduced the Nuke kill streak, which has remained an iconic staple of the multiplayer mode. Players who racked up 30 kills without dying could call in the streak, eliminating every opponent in the lobby and ending the match.

The rare kill streak will no longer be MW3 as developers have replaced it and a few others with kill streaks from other eras of Call of Duty — most notably Advanced Warfare.

Warzone nuke Rebirth Island

The kill streak replacing the Nuke is the DNA Bomb. Unlike the Nuke, the DNA Bomb does not end the game after a player calls it in; instead, it eliminates every enemy on the map with the match continuing.

This kill streak also leaves a nuclear green film over the map to remind players that someone called in the monster streak.

DNA Bomb is also easier to earn in matches, only requiring players to get 25 eliminations to call it in. It doesn’t need to be equipped to the player’s loadouts, either.

This is the first time the kill streak has been in a Call of Duty title since Advanced Warfare, which was released back in 2014. In its original iteration, the DNA Bomb required players to get 30 kills.

Along with the DNA Bomb, Loitering Munition, I.M.S., and the Missle Drone are also coming to the game with the Season 4 update.

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