MW3 phenom speedruns every gun camo challenge in just three days

John Esposito
MW3 phenom speedruns every gun camo challenge in just three days

Twitch partner, Reidboy, continues his impressive streak of unlocking in-game camos, this time earning all of the MW3 camos in three days.

Despite the short turnaround Sledgehammer Games had to make MW3, the team managed to fill the multiplayer portion to the brim with content. All sixteen maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 populate MW3, and over a hundred weapons offer a limitless experience to explore.

Speaking of weapons, Call of Duty’s unsung hero arguably is its camo system, rewarding players who grind the expansive armory with unique customization options. This title is no different, with the grind rewarding players who master all 37 weapons.

Despite the game being playable for a few days, one player has claimed the crown of the world’s first to Interstellar, the highest camo honors in MW3.

Reidboy claims world’s first to unlock Interstellar camo in MW3

Shared to his Twitter/X account, Reidboy showed the world his astounding feat. Three days into the title’s launch, he’s claimed the crown of the world’s first to unlock Interstellar.

A quick recap for the unware: to earn Interstellar, you must complete all the camo challenges for all 37 of MW3’s weapons.

Funnily enough, this marks his second year in a row completing this feat. Last year, he claimed the crown of earning MW2’s Polyatomic camo days after it launched.

Members of the MW3 community were quick to show support for his incredible feat, with congratulations flowing in from every corner. Conversely, some members were appalled at how quickly he achieved it and told him to take a break from the game.

Reidboy’s feat is certainly impressive, although this feat may fuel the fires of fan frustration at how easy the grind has become. No matter what, congratulations to Reidboy, and here’s hoping future seasons provide a more challenging Mastery camo.

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