MW2 players want “long overdue” customization option for Operator skins

Jessica Filby
Modern Warfare 2 operator

Modern Warfare 2 players are calling for a “long overdue” customization option for their Operator skins, with many feeling that the “game begs for it.”

Modern Warfare 2 is ever-changing. Its constant updates provide a variety of weapons, new metas, updated Operators, and plenty of content for players to sink their teeth into. However, this doesn’t stop fans from having innovative ideas regarding new elements that could be placed into this popular fast-paced FPS game.

One player showcased their own idea for a new customization option for Operators, stating that “Operator customization is long overdue.” Such an idea was immediately met with overwhelming agreement with many highlighting their love for the design and begging MW2 to implement it.

MW2 players suggest innovative customization for Operators

Posting to Reddit, one Modern Warfare 2 player attached a video of an operator with a series of patches being added to their clothing. Along with the video, they explained how “Operator customization is long overdue.” and how they “believe this will be revolutionary for the next game in the franchise and other upcoming games of Call Of Duty series in total,” promoting their idea to implement patches onto operators, helping those display their passions or designs in a subtle yet effective way.

Shortly after posting, the MW2 community flooded to the comments to show their support for the idea, with some stating how the “game begs for it,” and that the idea “has the potential of being really great.”

Interestingly, such customizable options for Operators are not new to Call of Duty, with Advanced Warfare giving players the ability to change their Operator’s clothing. One player highlighted this, going on to say that it was “Sad to see a game that is almost 10 years old have better customization options than the last four entries.”

Naturally, many players began speculating how Activision would implement such an idea, with one fan explaining how “it’ll end up being in a battle pass and in bundles just like charms.”

Others explained their concerns, worried that “as much as I like this idea, it just gives Activision more excuse to bundle extra crap and artificially inflate the ‘value’ of their bundles.” While others argued that “having a patch of your calling card and emblem would be badass, and also make them a little more valuable in bundles.”

Regardless of whether they’d suit well in bundles or how they would be advertised, one thing is for certain, the Modern Warfare 2 community would love the implication of patches for their favorite Operator.

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