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Modern Warfare cosplayer becomes Spetsnaz with Bale outfit

Published: 28/Jun/2020 15:53

by Andy Williams


Inzzen Cosplay is back with yet another Modern Warfare cosplay, this time rocking the popular Spetsnaz Operator, Bale, in their Darkness skin as part of the ‘Lights Out’ bundle.

Modern Warfare is full to the brim with Operators that represent either the Coalition or Allegiance forces in-game. The Spetsnaz is arguably one of the most recognizable factions within the franchise, given that it featured back in the original Modern Warfare.

Dmitry Bale, Minotaur Bale, Rodion and Nikto each represent the Spetsnaz, with the Bale brothers being among the most popular Operators in the game.

In fact, as part of Season Three’s Lights Out bundle, Dmitry Bale received his very own ‘Darkness’ skin, which was immediately a fan-favorite.


Lights Out bundle in Modern Warfare.
The Darkness skin and Duly Devoted AK-47 blueprint have gone down a treat with the Call of Duty faithful.

The Darkness skin proved so popular, that Inzzen Cosplay decided to use his creative talents to spawn the skin into real life.

Complete with the trademark armor satchel, this cosplay looks like a carbon copy of Dmitry Bale’s popular skin. While the armor satchel is no doubt the centerpiece, the blacked-out Gorka is a staple part of the outfit and really brings the look together.

If you look closely, Inzzen has clearly paid attention to detail throughout the entire outfit, with the ammo pouch and helmet appearing like an exact replica of how it does in-game.

This isn’t the first time Inzzen has dipped his toes into recreating Spetsnaz Operators, as he has previously produced a spot-on rendition of Nikto — Ghost’s Season 2 antagonist.


What do you think of Inzzen’s recreation of Bale’s Darkness skin? The military-inspired cosplayer has most definitely gone lights out with this rendition of the popular Spetsnaz Operator.