Modern Warfare 3 players want devs to bring back popular gunfight tournaments

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Modern Warfare 3 players are calling on the devs to bring back gunfight tournaments from past Call of Duty games.

Black Ops Cold War first introduced players to gunfight tournaments, a new game mode offering the chance to earn exclusive rewards and XP as you progress through a tournament-style bracket as teams of two compete in a round-based match.

The mode was extremely popular, as all players were assigned the same randomized Loadout at the start of each round, which changes every two rounds. With no respawns and no health regeneration, it’s fair to say gunfight tournaments were a hit among fans.

After returning in Modern Warfare 2, before it was mysteriously silently removed, players are calling for the mode to return once again in MW3.

MW3 players want Gunfight Tournament to return

On February 23, one Modern Warfare 3 player posted on the game’s Reddit page, suggesting that the devs bring back Gunfight Tournaments.

Judging by the replies to the post, the idea was quite popular among the community, with many agreeing they’d like to see the tournament mode return. “Ugh, I miss this so much I had so many hours on it,” one player reminisced.

However, some claim the game is in dire need of better Gunfight maps first before they release the tournament mode. “They need to have good Gunfight maps first tho,” they said. “These recent ones have been awful.”

On the other hand, some claimed they’d “never leave the game” if the devs released a Ranked Gunfight mode instead.

Modern Warfare 2 players saw Gunfight Tournaments return in Season 3, which was released in April 2023, meaning we might not be far off a release for MW3. However, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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