Modern Warfare 3 players plead for “horrendous” Armory System to be removed

John Esposito
Modern Warfare 3 players plead for "horrendous" Armory System to be removedActivision

MW3’s Armory System continues to be a thorn in the player base’s side, and players are begging Sledgehammer Games to remove it.

MW3 has been picked apart by players for many reasons with complaints targeting the “downgraded visuals” and the lack of a classic Prestige System. Yet it’s been the Armory System that has been a constant topic of ire.

Essentially, once players hit level 25, they can unlock various in-game equipment through daily challenges. For example, you have to take on a set of challenges to unlock the Riveter shotgun versus conventionally leveling it up.

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And, though there’s an exploit that lets you get around unlocking weapons, you have to also go through the Armory System for every single attachment for weapons acquired from the Armory.

As the days since the launch pass by, player sentiment has gone from ire to pleading with the developers to remove the system.

MW3 players want the Armory System removed

A screenshot from the game MW3Activision

After scalding remarks labeled MW3’s Armory System “garbage,” a new set of remarks has pleaded for its removal.

MW3 player TheBigDawg96 shared their feedback to the game’s Reddit thread, where they elaborated on a shocking issue the system presents. After completing a set of challenges, the final set requires you to win a match, which may be easier said than done due to the infuriating nature of SBMM.

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“What a horrendous idea this armory System is. Unlocking shit is entirely up to winning games which depends on your team,” TheBigDawg96 angrily stated.

Despite the upset nature of the post, fans actually shared tips and tricks. “Free for all, make the top 3 and it counts as a win,” one user replied which shocked many.

A lesser-known trick is the Zombies mode can expedite MW3’s Armory System unlocks. One user shared that insight, “Zombies has made leveling up and armory unlocks so much easier, because 3 contracts is equal to a daily challenge. Much easier to accomplish than getting a win with SBMM in action.”

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As the game is still fresh, it’ll be interesting to see if Sledgehammer Games addresses the concerns. For now, be sure to follow the solutions provided to negate how stressful MW3’s Armory System can be.

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