MW3 player defends Armory System against critics who “run past the objective”

John Esposito
MW3 player defends Armory System against critics who "run past the objective"Activision

MW3’s Armory System has caught huge flack, but one player argues it’s the fault of those who don’t play the objective.

Modern Warfare 3 is here, and while player sentiment seems to be positive on the multiplayer portion of the package, the Armory System has been a heated topic of discussion.

MW3 features two forms of player progression to unlock in-game equipment: the conventional method of leveling up and the new Armory System. The latter disguised itself as a new way to unlock equipment however players wanted until they discovered a good portion of the content was trapped behind excessive challenges.

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Players have been up in arms over the Armory System, yet one player argues the problem is on the community.

MW3 player calls out Armory System critics

MW3 player defends Armory System against critics who "run past the objective"Activision

The gist of the Armory System is that players can unlock equipment, such as guns, killstreaks, and perks, by completing a certain amount of Daily Challenges. You’ll earn points that go towards unlocking something; for example, Ghost T/V Camo requires three points to unlock.

The problem arises with the amount of Daily Challenges distributed, as there are only three per day, and some unlocks require more than three. If you complete the three dailies, a fourth will unlock, tasking you to win a game.

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This fourth daily is where the community has drawn the line, as claims of SBMM make it nearly impossible for some to win. After plenty of posts flooded the game’s Reddit, MW3 player poobear7 took a stance against the critics and blamed those who don’t play the objective as to why said Daily Challenge is so hard to complete.

Not everyone was a fan of this blanket post, as one player chimed in: “And then you have me with 18 captures and still losing,” with others agreeing.

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It didn’t stop there, as Poobear7 went on: “Everyone seems to forget that back in the “golden days” of CoD that is spoken so highly of you had to put in some work to unlock things, (i.e: Extended Mags, Heartbeat Sensor, Thermal Scope, Pro Perks in MW2009, grind CoDpoints for literally EVERYTHING in BO1).”

While their last point is true, one player perfectly summed up the bigger picture: “Yet the fundamental problem with the armory system is that in all previous games, you unlock content easily by leveling up. Now, the basic things like perks and kill streaks are locked behind something requiring randoms to play for the win too.”

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Sledgehammer has remained quiet on the Armory System for now, so stay tuned for news on any changes.

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